Chicago Boat Tours 20/02/2020

Are you a water baby? Who always seek a chance for a trip through cruises or boats and only enjoy their time on water? Then Chicago Boat Tours is what you have been searching for. Because we provide the best of all the services out there. We make sure to bring the excitement in on your trip and give the time which will never let your regret for choosing us. Also, we hire the best captains out there with the most cheerful attitude. Our trips are the most escorted trips ever. Chicago Boat Tours make sure to take on the most beautiful lakes of the ever so fascinating Chicago. So, if you are up for the adventure of boat trip then contact us now! Because our service will never fail to mesmerize you guys. May it be the friendliest staff, the humorous captain with all of the knowledge of the spots passing by or the coziest boat ever. Chicago Boat Tours will take you on the adventure full of excitement that you will never forget. We act upon you guys’ every demand we plan our trip according to your demands. So common guys come and visit us ad start your journey full of adventures and excitements.


Chicago Boat Tours also plan events for you guys. May it be birthday party, graduation part, get together, girls’ night out or any kind of party. We are always here to arrange best events for you guys so that you can remember them for the life time. Not only these casual parties we also arrange Marriages! Yeah you read it absolutely right we also arrange marriage events with all the decorations on point. We also make sure that during all your big events our boats and cruises are all clean with their coziest vibe. And with that we also provide extra decoration to make it look fancier. So, if you’re up for any adventure or planning something fancy for your events then we are for sure the best choice. We put are all the best efforts in making your big day unforgettable and also because you guys can remember us forever with wise and great words.


With all the amenities mentioned above we also offer the best delicious dinner out there. Our dinner contains of all genre food may it be best famous delicious sea food, Italian or any kind of food we make sure to serve you guys mouth watering as well as finger licking food. If you’re a foodie as well as cruise lover than coming to us is a must. Because our food and cruise both are the best. And you’ll remember it forever and will visit us over and over again.

River Cocktail Cuise:

If you are the one who can’t time out of their busy routine yet still wants to have a day out than no need to worry guys. Because we also offer a trip of two hours only. Yes!  Two hours only and that in reasonable prices in which you guys can have the best time having the cocktail and lunch with your friends. And I bet having the two hours ride would be so amazing for you all that you guys will for sure visit us again for your vacations.

So common book your bookings right now and have the best time in the coziest cruise along with the best respecting staff also with the well-trained captain. I bet that you guys won’t get bored forever a slightest second and you whole journey would be exciting enough. And the dinner will be the highlight of your tour. Visit us now! We’re so want to take you guys on the exciting trip and see you enjoy our all the enmities.

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