Best Time to Visit Aruba Weather Wise 01/04/2020

Instagram famous Aruba is on everyone’s Wishlist to visit it once and experience the beauty with their own eyes. If you want to witness heaven on earth mean while flamingos wandering here and there then Aruba is the best place to visit. Now the question arises when is the best time to go to Aruba? And what are the best place to explore in Aruba, we are here to answer all of these questions and this blog is wholly on the topic of Aruba. Some of the point about where and when is the best time to visit Aruba is discussed below:  

1. Best Seasons Visit Aruba:

The best seasons and the best time to travel to Aruba is in between middle December and middle April. It is the best time to visit because the temperature is moderate and most of the people enjoy the beaches and the parks of Aruba in between these seasons. And if you choose to come in the middle of December then it is a WIN WIN deal for you because you can enjoy the New Year Eve in the ever so beautiful Aruba and it’s other more beautiful places. 

2. California Lighthouse:

Aruba is situated in the Caribbean but belongs to the Kingdom of Netherlands. Again, the best time to go to Aruba is now! And if you want to see the whole beauty of Aruba then visiting to California Lighthouse is a must because it is 90 feet high and surrounded by all the coastal views of Aruba. Viewing the whole beautiful town from the top of the tower meanwhile having coconut milk is something to be cherished. In California light house you can also make up a conversation with parrots. 

3. Arikok National Park:

You can say that the best time of the year to visit Aruba is in December because you can enjoy the off-road adventures by visiting to Arikok National Park. Where you could enjoy the hiking and biking by not caring about the weather and you can also see the Aruba’s famous cactus and impressive formation of rocks and wildlife. Also, there are three famous places in Arikok which should be visited in any cost to witness the actual beauty of Aruba that are Natural Pool which is way too ravishing, natural bridge brings butterflies in your stomach and never forgetting the caves to explore the best of Arikok National Park.  

4. San Nicolas:

Summer are also one the best time of the year to go to Aruba to enjoy the beach life. Talking about beaches in Aruba and not about San Nicolas is quite not possible. Because it is situated around the best beaches of Aruba which will provide you with best fresh and air and what not. San Nicolas is here to give you out the most vibrant vibes ever. And if you are street art lover then it is perfect for you because you might have to get in search for the San Nicolas art and fill your trip with the colors of Aruba. 

5. Beaches in Aruba:

Aruba’s beaches are of relaxing turquoise water. There are thousand of beaches to pick in Aruba and if you are here in the time of July then you will have the most fun over here. Few of the best beaches of Aruba are Palm Beach, eagle Beach, Rodger Beach, Baby Beach and many more. I dare you that you will have the best experience of beach bumming in the Aruba. And if you are turquoise water lover then say yes to every kind of water sport as in snorkeling, kayaking and kite-surfing! Cause you will have the best time ever in Aruba.

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