Best Itinerary for 7 Days in Croatia 01/04/2020

If you are planning to visit Croatia for 7 days then you clicked it right because it is all about Croatia travel blog. Croatia is undoubtedly incredible place to visit and have the best ever. But going to such places seem quite difficult to figure it out where to go and which places to give importance first. No need to worry about that because over here are going to tell you how to explore best places of Croatia itinerary 7 days.

Where to go in Croatia?

1. Day 1 & 2 in Dubrovnik:

Dubrovnik also known for its nickname called “Pearl of Adriatic” is a best start off of the 7 days trip. It is located at the southmost part of the country. Dubrovnik gives out the most vintage vibes ever of the history. Dubrovnik is legit the package of everything from historic places, experiencing water sports, looking out all the old buildings of Croatia displaying the oldest architecture with the marble flooring and offering a lot of beaches. Starting a trip under the scorching sun beside the beach is the best away. Apart from that to all the Games of Thrones loves it is a perfect place for you all to admire the beauty of all the shots. Also, you can have a day trip to the Mount Srd by renting a car.

2. Days 3 & 4 in Splits:

3 and 4 days of Croatia Itinerary 7 days should be continued by visiting Splits giving a perfect contrast to the Dubrovnik city. Coming to Croatia and not visiting to its famous island is quit not fair and for that Splits offer some very beautiful Islands for your guys which has under gone some modern industrialization. You can also visit Bacvice Beach to enjoy the purest water and white sand. Visiting to Diocletian’s Palace is the best way to witness the beauty Croatia meanwhile having a dinner or lunch at the Riva Promenade would be cherry on the top to your trip.

3. Day 5, Trip to Krka National Park:

The most exciting and my personal favorite point is Krka National Park. Which has the best water fall for you to sink and personal safe pools swim. If you are a water lover like me then you will fall in love with this place. There are different small parks and pools are also there nearby for you to have more good time.

4. Day 6, Hvar Island:

For a 7 days Croatia Itinerary, visiting to Hvar Island will turn your trip into the most exciting yet memorable. Hvar Island is known as the queen of Hvar Dalmatian where you could do a lot of fun activities. Firstly, if you are diver then feel free to dive in Hvar Island because it is totally safe and you can also party the whole night until the beam of sunlight start showing they arrange such kind of fun activities for you guys. Last, don’t miss the sight seeing of old town of Stari Grad to witness the historical places of old times.

5. Day 7, Zadar:

Ending your trip by visiting Zadar would be perfect. Zadar also holds 2000 years old jewelries, arts and glass demonstration. There are museums whose walls are made of glass by visiting them you will get the most ancient yet dramatic feels ever. And experiencing Zadar one of a kind of Sea organ is a must which produces beautiful rackets when the ocean hits the pipes. By listening that noise, you will fall in love with Zadar and would want to visit it over and over just for the sake of listening to that sound.

Hope you have a great time in Croatia.

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