5 Fun Things to Do in Concord NH Today 11/04/2020

Have you ever travelled to other cities by car? If so, have you had the leverage to visit Hampshire that is covered by beautiful lakes? If you have visited Hampshire by road, we are certain that you must have contemplated on stopping to the capital city Concord. If you haven’t visited Concord yet, this should be the next place to go to because it is such a beautiful city where you will get to explore a lot.  If river destinations strike up your interest and you love spots that brings you closer to the nature then you know what to look for. We have been absolutely loving looking at this place and all the exciting destination that this city has. There are lot of things to do in Concord NH (New Hampshire) which a lot of people are unaware of. If you are visiting Concord soon you should take out time to do your research about spots that are adventurous and will make you have a good time in Concord. We have evaluated a few things to do in Concord NH this weekend that will surely make your trip memorable.

1. Hampshire Historical Society Museum

Every place has history and to accept the town as yours you need to get one with the history. Concord gives you chance to do that; Hampshire Historical Society Museum is a great place to see the history of Concord and learn a thing or two. It is huge land with a lot of fascinating artifacts.

2. McAuliffe-Shepard Discovery Center

Have astronauts and space has ever spiked up your interest? If you want to gain more knowledge about these things you will be more than fascinated with the Hampshire Historical Society Museum. This museum was built to honor two astronauts who had a tragic incident while led them to loss their lives. This place is very pleasing for the children and adults as well as there are some of the original artifacts from NASA like space exercising machine and space toilets that are really interesting to watch.

3. Paddle Concord River

Do you love water sports? Well in summers water sport business is touching sky because renting a board and venturing into the sea in summer always sound like a good idea. Paddle Concord River is a very famous spot for water sport lovers as it allows you various kinds of water attractions like paddling, kayak and even boats. The water activities are very safe and beginners friendly hence, if you don’t know how to paddle or use a kayak you can still try your hand on it and trust us it would be the best thing that will ever happen to. This is why we added Paddle Concord river in the things to do in Concord NH.

4. Canterbury Shaker Village

Did you know shaker is a religion? We also had no idea as this religion is nearly extinct and only two families have been following this religion and reside in the Canterbury Shaker Village which is 12 miles away from concord but is a beautiful tourist attraction. It is 649 acres of land which is beautiful and filled with ponds, gardens and forests. there are a lot of women living there and invested in activities like wool spinning and knitting. You can also buy yourself handwoven items.

5. Winant Park

Do you like sitting under old trees and read books while leaves fall on you? We also love the same atmosphere, you should visit the Winant park as it is 85 acres of land with old trees and hundreds of them are spread throughout the park’s property.

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