5 Fun Things to Do in Dubuque Iowa this Weekend 10/04/2020

The United States of America is a land of history and diversity as it is huge and has a lot of states and ethnicities that call America their home. To talk about vacation spot there are numerous places an American resident or people from other countries can visit. We do a lot of research to see what locations can be most suitable for a little getaway with family, places that are culturally developed and some history affiliated to its location. We have found Dubuque Iowa a very fascinating place as it used to be a lead mining spot back in the days, now this city has transformed to win heart of the tourist and locals that has got a chance to explore this city. There are a number of things to do in Dubuque Iowa, you just have to know your taste to plan the according to your mood. Although this place a lot of things to offer and win heart of each person that visits it, we have picked 5 things to do in Dubuque Iowa, take out time and go-through these before your visit.

1. National Mississippi River Museum and Aquarium

We all have gone to fishing in our childhood, haven’t we? Fishes are the most amazing small creatures that have more color than our wardrobe combined. If you love fishes than you should add National Mississippi River Museum and Aquarium to the things to do in Dubuque Iowa.  This place tells a lot about the American river, this place is huge and contains two separate departments that indicate the variety in culture of Mississippi. There are hundreds of aquariums in this place and each has different variety of water animals.

2. Mines of Spain Recreation Area

Have you ever explored mines and felt that you are sinking in a dark hole but yet enjoyed the experience? The Mines of Spain Recreation Area is a huge mine and is 1439 acres deep and long. This area has a lot of things that can b fascinating to the eyes like there is a lot of deformed land and a variety of plants that you may not have witnessed otherwise. There are a lot of oaks in the area that are probably 250 years old and still standing strong. You must go to this place at least once in your life time.

3. Fenelon Place Elevator

Have you ever been fascinated with railways and how they used to work in the ancient time? The Fenelon Place Elevator is a place that has the world shortest and steepest railways in the world. You can have a railway ride that is 189 feet in the air and extends to 296 meters. This place will also make you see the overview and skyline of Mississippi. Not only does it contain railways but also cable cars, well doesn’t the world cable car excite you just by reading it imagine having a cable car ride along with breath taking view.

4. Eagle point Park

Well what can we say Dubuque is all about views and scenic beauty, Eagle Point Park is 64 acres of land that give heavenly view of the Mississippi river.  You can also have three state view at the same time, you can overlook Wisconsin, Iowa and Illinois, this part was built in 1908 and has some history attached to it.

5. Dubuque Museum of Art

This Art museum is very old and was established in the year 1874, well a museum this old will make you imagine what the past era was like. There are over 2200 pieces of art and each is unique and has some sort of historic representation.

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