5 Fun Things to Do in Rochester MN this Weekend 07/04/2020

Have you always desired to wander all across the world and explore the most exotic places which you only have seen in pictures until now? We always plan to explore the mainstream locations of the world and often miss the hidden gems that have so much more to offer to us. Rochester city is one of the most known cities in southern Minnesota in the United States of America (USA). Rochester has so much to sights to offer the people who visit it; however, people often get confused about things to do in Rochester MN. If you are visiting Rochester soon and have difficulty planning your itinerary, we are here to help you with the things to do in Rochester, MN (Minnesota). Rochester has enriched cultural dimensions that draws the people to explore its old and contemporary tourists' attraction, it will not only be pleasant to the eyes, but you will take a lot of experiences with you which you will cherish for life. So, are you ready to explore the culture and enticing places that this city has to offer?

1. Rochester Art Center

Do you passion for art in you or do you like to stare at old rusty art pieces and drive the concept behind it? Well if you embed these interests in you, you will appreciate the Rochester art center. While planning the things to do in Rochester MN you should keep this place on the top of the list. The Rochester art center is located at the coast of the Zumbro River, this place will link you with the most inspiring art that is multicultural and resonates with the history of Rochester. The Rochester art center was established in 1946 but it acquired its breathtaking lake view in 2004. The view is mesmerizing but the internal art display is enriching with the culture which adds more value to this place.

2. Downtown Peace Plaza

We all love shopping and food, don't we? If you like to indulge in designer apparel, bags and shoes, you are going to enjoy this place like no other. The Downtown Peace Plaza must acquire a higher ranking in your things to do in Rochester Minnesota list. The peace plaza is a high connective place that will link you to the busy downtown where you can get food that will make your taste buds dance. Also, this place is next to the Mayo clinic which makes it pediatrician friendly. You can travel to downtown from peace plaza in no time and in a temperature-controlled way.

3. Plummer House

Mayo clinic is what Rochester is known for; Plummer house is an ancient attraction for the tourist which in the past was home to Dr. Stannely Plummer and his spouse. The Plummer house is directly connected to the Mayo Clinic, Dr. Plummer closely analyzed the process of his house building which began in 1917 and now, it is the biggest tourist spot.

4. Quarry Hill Nature Center

Nature intrigue us all, what better way to spend a vacation than in nature? Quarry Hill Nature Center is 329 acres of land with miles long hiking trails which make you get lost in the serenity of nature. This spot is also very educational which will give you all the knowledge that you need to become aware of regarding the environment.

5. Douglas State Trail

We all love nature to surround us, don’t we? The nature therapy is the most effective to ease our minds. Douglas state trail in Rochester is 12.5-meter trail that is surrounded by northern city greenery and pines. It is a great spot for tourists and bikers to explore the green tracks. If you love everything green, you wouldn’t want to miss this spot.

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