Best Place To Stay In New York For First Time Visitors 01/04/2020

New Your is everyone’s dream out there. Every-one is this world has obligatory name of New York in their bucket list. And if some one visits the New York City they want to visit and come over ever and ever again. I don’t’ know what they love about New York their statue of liberty, their walk though foot path, times square, vibrant colors or just a chill vibe of New York no one know. But everyone loves to visit New York. If you are someone who’s visiting to New York City for the first time then there are every wonderful and experienced tricks and tips for visiting New York City for the first time ever. If you will follow them you will for sure have the great time. 

1. Start Exploring New York on your Foot:

The best and honest advice is to explore New York City is through your foot which means a big no to cars and cab! You must be aware about the wild traffic of New York, if you are not then you must acknowledge yourself about it if your visiting New York for the fist time because the 1st thing traffic is too much and the second things is that you won’t find a parking spot in forever here. So, if you want to enjoy your trip well choose subway or just explore it on foot.  

2. Try to Get Yourself Over from Manhattan:

First priority of everyone visiting NYC is to explore Manhattan which is beautiful in its own way but I would personally recommend to explore Brooklyn and Bronx as well. If you want to make your first time in NYC productive then rather than sticking to Manhattan visit to the Brooklyn bridge and enjoy the pizza with a perfect yet calming view. Or watching Yankees Baseball match at Bronx can also be a wonderful idea. 

3. Don’t Spend Much on Fancy Restaurants:

New York is famous for it expenses but trust me guys New York is really friendly budget travelling destinations if you compensate with the famous restaurants to the local shop ones. Like rather eating pizza from the fancy restaurant catch one slice of pizza from the corner shops for 1$ and trust me guys it is as tasty as you’ll find in any other restaurant. Try to adjust your eating hours with the happy hours so that you could eat in such low prizes. And still if you want to eat in fancy restaurant then don’t feel shy to ask if they have lunch deals because a lot of them offers best combo deals. 

4. Be cautious of Street Crimes:

Is New York dangerous like London for crime scenes? A big No. It is not but the only thing that is common in New York is pickpocketing which quite obvious due to huge crowd and rush in the places. So, beware of street crimes and put your safety-first priority. Try not to be out in the mid night because it is not so safe time to explore NY.  

5. Make Sure to Plan a Long Trip:

Make sure that your trip is for extended time when you make up to the first time in the New York because the list of places to must visit in NYC is never ending. Visiting to Manhattan, Brooklyn Bridge, Bronx, the fancy count store and so on places. Apart from these places there must be thousands of fancy restaurants suggested to you by your friends. So, visiting all if these places required a lot of more time than a week and make sure to not just visit places but enjoy them as well for longer time. Cause what happens in New York stays in New York.

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