McDonald's Around the World 04/04/2020

Well who doesn’t love McDonalds? It is for sure the love of everyone ‘s life. From there happy meals to their hamburgers everything is just so delicious that you are convinced to say “I’m loving it”. Well, talking about me I have almost eaten McDonald’s around the world and being a traveler, we mostly look for the countries having McDonald’s. Almost every country in this world has at least one branch of McDonald’s. Now the point comes that why would I search for countries with McDonald’s and how can I eat the same thing all over again. I’ll answer all these questions right here and that’s what this blog is for.   

1. Gives You Cultural Experience:

Since, each country has different cultural value and you will get to know more about a certain country through McDonald’s because it’s a quite famous fast food restaurant. For example, what I get to experience through McDonald’s in Korea was, you will see whole families over there having a dinner. And every citizen in Korea was totally fine with it while in the USA it’s shame for most us, if someone sees us having a meal in McDonald’s because in a place like the USA it is mainly famous as a “hangout place”. 

2. McDonald’s Safe A lot of Money while Travelling:

If you are a traveler than saving money from food should be on your top list so that you can invest that money on shopping or exploring other expensive adventures. Well, that what McDonald’s helps me with. I save a lot during my travel by having my meal in McDonald’s because it doesn’t take more than USD 8 per person and which is a very cheap prize. I know you must be thinking that Is there a McDonalds in every country? The answer for that is not all the countries but in most of them. And if there’s not any by chance then there must be a substitute for that. 

3. Each Country Has Different Menu:

If you think that McDonalds offer the same meals all over the world. Then, you are mistaking over here. Because when I say eating McDonald’s in every country is not boring at all then I stick to it because every country has different menu according to its culture. Like in Israel I discovered new food items in McDonald’s called McFalafel in Israel and it had all the taste of famous Israeli food. And this item is only available in Israel which automatically proves that every country has its menu of McDonald’s by trying them out you can have fun. 

4. Accessibility of Free Wi-fi:

Wi-fi is such an issue while traveling, no matter how many gadgets or backup you carry you will always end up with a problem of wi-fi. And by having meals in McDonald’s along with yummy meals you also have the advantage of one thing and that is you get free Wi-fi. You must be thinking for now How many countries have a McDonalds? On count approximately 55+ countries have McDonalds. So, if you are a travel freak then it is a WIN-WIN situation for you because you can have delicious meals in low prize along with Free Wi-Fi so that you could catch up on social media, upload some pictures, talk to your friends or family. 

5. Clean and Tidy Lavatories:

From my experience as well as from other experiences, I get to know the biggest difficulty we all face while traveling is of the restroom. Firstly, you won’t get any toilet and just in case you get public toilets then they are so uncomfortable that it’ll ruin your mood. So, visiting McDonalds for every meal can also be helpful in terms of getting a crystal clear, clean and tidy restroom as well. This reason is not Lame guys trust me! If you get to travel then follow up my tips. 

I hope you try McDonald’s of different countries and never get bored of it like me!

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