52 Week Money Saving Challenge 2020 28/03/2020

I know every single person out there want their passport to be filled with several stamps. Everyone wants to travel the whole world but I also understand the matter of fact that how difficult it is making a budget and take out some cash to travel. No need to be disappointed for that because you can afford to travel just by follow 52-week money challenge 2020. Now you must be wondering what this challenge is about and what you have to do in? Well no need to think too much because it is a money saving challenge. From those money you can travel the world.

1. How to do 52-week Challenge?

52-week challenge work by saving money each and every without skipping any day in 52-weeks. All you got to do is saving 1 $ first day then add the previous amount to 2nd day which become 3 $ and then adding 3 $ to 3rd day which becomes 6 dollars and so on till 1st day of 52th-week. By following this rule at the last day 52th week you will have 1378 dollars, which are quite good amount to travel and have the one of the finest trips. So, if you want to travel and you can’t afford it suddenly then start with those challenge with us right now!

2. Use P2P Hack to safe for 52-Week:

Use the P2P hack for money saving which is very popular among Europeans. If you don’t know what it is it is a kind of investment in which you and I both will invest together. Now you must be thing about the advantages of it, trust me guys there are huge benefits of P2P which includes you getting more 0.5% of what you saved and earn additional then your interest. After 90 days with P2P your challenge will run in a backward race which is AH-mazing!

3. Be Strictly Consistent for 52-Weeks:

Key of every work or dream is to be consistent and same goes with 52-week challenge saving money. If you will be consistent through the weeks then only you’ll get able to collect money and if you will delay it even fore one day then it will be quite impossible because due to skipping that one day your mind will keep skipping it for more days and you will become too lazy to do it.

4. Make separate account for the Challenge:

In order to follow this challenge don’t add all these money of 52 weeks to your already account which comes in your daily use. Do some efforts and make a separate account to safe all the collected money so that you dint have the chance of using them in any purpose and all the collected amount will remain saved. Because it is normal human nature that when you know you have anything you will use it tills the end time and if you will do the same with this money then it will only cause disadvantage for you. In fact, I suggest you to add more and extra money to that new account so that the overall amount will be really huge for you to travel freely.

5. Make 52-week Challenge New Year Resolution:

If you are someone who religiously follows new year resolution and act upon it then make this weekly money saving to one of your resolutions so that you can follow it and make the end of your year amazing. And it is not necessary to use this money for travel you can use it for something very huge coming in your way or buy something grand.

Money saving is something which I personally really believes because drop drop makes ocean and that what 52-week challenge does with us.

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