How to Get from Paris to Mont St Michel? 28/03/2020

Once you are done exploring Paris in France then there are a lot of hidden gems as well as famous places at the country side to explore them which might be under rated. So, if you have explored the famous and no doubt beautiful Paris then Mount Saint Michael from Paris should definitely be on your list to explore next. And you can travel from Paris to Mount Saint Michael very easily, thanks to all the amenity of trains, buses or cars. 

1. How to make up to Mont Saint Michel:

Now the most you must be thinking how to get to Mount Saint Michael from Paris? Mount St. Michael is located at of the Normandy coast and is one of the most famous places of France. And it is quite short trip from Paris to Mount Saint Michael. Now I will tell you some of the conveyances through which you can travel from Paris. 

a) Through Train:

As it is a distance of 350 km away, then travelling through train is the best way to reach Mount Saint Michael. You can catch the train from Montparnasse and you will reach the destination in approximately 2 hours. And you can also do advance bookings if your trip is pre planned. 

b) By renting a Car:

Renting a car along with your family and you driving it also an adventurous idea. You can easily reach to Mont St. Michael Paris by renting a car from Paris as the route is straightforward so you won’t face any difficulty in it. 

c) By Bus:

There are also pre planned trips by coaches for you to reach. And the best thing about coaches is they provide you with the food as well to make your not so long trip easier. 

2. Things to Do in Mont Saint Michael:

Mount Saint Michael from Paris is an island and it is one of the most famous islands ever. Almost about 3 million people visit to this island every year. There is a usually high tides but sometimes there is low tide so you guys can do fun sports over there. It is a perfect picnic point to enjoy with your partner or your family. Now I am introducing you some of the things to din certain places at Paris to Mount Saint Michael:

a) Abbey and Monastery of Mont Saint Michael:

Abbey and Monastery are the best and most beautiful attraction of Paris to Mont Saint Michael that represents you all the Gothic and Romanesque architecture. As you climb up the streets you will witness the richest houses ever along with you can explore the little medieval streets. These all the representatives of the social ladder. 

b) La Grande Rue, the main street:

La Grande Rue will give the best fairytales vibes ever. Roaming around the street of the La Grande Rue you will feel as if you are in the Disney world and how. It is one of the best locations of Mount St. Michael give the most surreal scenic ever. I would personally suggest you to go to La Grande in off season so that you guys can enjoy the beautiful place in less rush of people. 

c) La Chapelle-Saint-Aubert:

La Chapelle is the best for you if you are in search of peace and wisdom because that’s what this place peaceful yet quit. The paintings in La Chapelle are the most stunning yet fascinating ones. Again, this place is also full of people so I would you again suggest you to visit this place in off season. So, that you guys can have fun fully. 

These are some tips and tricks to reach Mont Saint Michael from Paris and some things you can do over there to have fun time. Hope it was helpful for you all.

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