6 Most Traditional & Popular Israeli Food 28/03/2020

Food of the certain countries has great impact on the tourists. Most of the foods of different countries are really famous like Italian food, Arabic food, Asian food and then come Israeli food. I know Israeli food is really under rated but it has to be my favorite food ever. Because the traditional Israeli food is the best food in the world. Some of the best Israeli foods are mentioned below: 

1. Hummus: Base made of chickpeas

If you have had hummus anywhere apart from Israel then trust me guys you never tasted the real hummus. Israel’s hummus has its own taste the way they made the base of chickpeas and serve it with paprika, lemon juice, olive oil, olives and many more topping. Some pita bread along with hummus will be like the cherry on the top and you will have the best meal ever. 

2. Baba Ganoush: Creamy grilled eggplant dipped

Baba Ganoush comes with other Israeli dishes as in sideline. It is just like hummus’s best mate which is made up of creamy grilled which will be dipped in eggplant dipped. Baba Ganous is very famous in local restaurants of Israel. If you are someone who loves hummus then you would definitely love it. It is the best Israeli appetizer. 

3. Shakshuka: Famous dish in middle East

Shakshuka is one of the most known Israeli foods and it is loved almost by every single one who visits Israel. It is made up tomato sauce with pouched egg the dish might sounds simple but it is the most delicious food ever. It will give you the best taste of Israel. Apart from that it is quite famous in middle East and the you can never have the best taste of Shakshuka then in Israel.   

4. Falafels: Fried balls of chickpeas

Falafel is the most popular Israeli foods; it is famous and recognized in the whole world wide. Falafels are the fried balls made up of chickpeas and if you are a vegetarian then will be going to your favorite food ever. You can pair falafels with the pita bread and side salad which will add 100th times more taste into your meal. And there are quite a lot of options for non-meat eaters in falafels. One more good thing about falafel is that you don’t have to visit Israel to have it they are easily available almost everywhere with the same taste.

5. Burekas: Pastries filled with delicious stuffing

Burkas is the popular food of not only Israel but also of Turkey. It is one of the most delicious Israeli dishes you will ever had. They are pastries filled great stuffing like cheese, spinach or sweet potatoes. Each filling has its own finger licking taste. Apart from its filling Burekas are served with boiled eggs along with the topping of best sauce. And you can find this food everywhere in Israel or Turkey easily. 

6. Halva: Famous Desert

Halva is very famous dessert in Middle East and North Africa. Basically, halwa is made of dry fruits, ground sesame paste, tahini and other things to make it sweeter.  Halva has its own taste and it can not be compared with other desserts because it has its own taste. So if you are someone who loves dessert and sweet dishes then Israeli Halva’s would be your favorite and you will love them the most. 

These are the some of the most famous food of Israel of which you might not be familiar. So, if you ever get a chance to visit Israel these are the must foods you should try. And crave for them for the rest of your lives.

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