Best Portugal Itinerary 7 Days 01/04/2020

Portugal is the best ever traditional countries ever. The cultural values and the beautiful scenic it displays it undeniable and can’t be expressed in word. And to witness such kind of beauty I must say one week is too less. But no need to worry I am going to tell you all the must visited destinations to visit in one week in Portugal and satisfy your inner self.  

1.  First 2 Days in Porto:

Your 1 week in Portugal Itinerary should become with two days in Porto. Porto has amazing and a lot of exciting thing to offer you guys which will make your start incredible. Every single colorful view in Porto is breathtaking and it will give you different perspective on Douro River. Douro River is the best in Porto and a ride on boat surrounded by Douro River will sums up your trip pretty well. And if you are planning to visit Douro Valley then visiting to the famous vineyard of Portugal is a must and mandatory where you can have the best and famous wine ever. Apart from vine you should also enjoy their typically delicious dishes Pastel de Nata and Franceshina, whose taste you will remember for life time.  

2.  Day 3 to 4 in Lisbon:

Lisbon is Portugal’s capital and the biggest city of the world. Visiting to Lisbon in your 1 week in Portugal trip is a must. Lisbon will give you the best old fashioned, historic yet colorful and vintage vibe ever. There are thousands of belvederes in Lisbon all you have to do is google the famous location and Voila you’ll find yourselves in the prettiest places ever and that in really cheap prizes. Also, it has the best tour friendly route ever called Yellow tram. UNESCO’s mot popular attraction of world’s heritage sight is also found in Lisbon called Torre de Belem.

3. Day 5 in Sintra:

Mostly famous for its colorful palaces Sintra is a must visit place in a Portugal itinerary 1 week. It is a famous region of Lisbon and approximately 5 to 6 hours away from main Lisbon is has the most beautiful colorful palaces which will give out the most vibrant vibe ever and castles. There are many stunning places in Sintra that picking out any two for would be a tough choice. But for that I would suggest you to take a visit of the famous Pena Palace where you can go through 434 bus. And just beside it is located Moors castle. Both of these are located at the top of the hill which itself holds a breathtaking view from the top. 

4. Day 6 in Cascais:

If you are a water lover and beaches are what makes you happy then Cascais is perfect for you. It is located in Lisbon. Cascais is a cool small town and perfect if you want to spend some time next to beach. Boca de Inferno is really nonchalant rocky cliff which is very pretty to visit in your day trip.  

5. Last Day, Day 7 in Lisbon Again:

The last day of Portugal itinerary 7 days should also be spend in Lisbon. Lisbon is so beautiful and so vast that one, two or three days wouldn’t be enough to explore the beauty it holds. I would personally recommend you to rent a car a stop right when you see some beautiful spot or view and explore. If you don’t have the option of cars then you can also go with trains and buses which almost offer every route of the Lisbon. 

So, guys here are the best places of Portugal to visit in one week. Hope it helped you guys out!

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