5 Best Solo Trips for Women of 2020 04/04/2020

Traveling with friends and family is too mainstream but to travel solo is now what everyone’s dream is. I think that a solo trip once in a lifetime is a must because, in a completely strange environment you got to know what your true self is. Solo trips are easy for men but the main problem is always for all the women out there because they always face security issues. Over here we are going to give the best solo trip for women keeping security and everything in mind.

1. Switzerland:

Switzerland is one of the best places to travel alone women because this country is so saved that you won’t feel any sort of inconvenience in Switzerland. Words won’t do justice for the beauty Switzerland holds. From the beautiful mountains view to gorgeous meadows on wildflowers along the Rhone river drop back Switzerland will melt your heart from its beauty. If you choose to visit this beauty in winters and if you love to sightsee the architecture then Burn is where you need to go and admire their beauty. Going to Switzerland and not visiting to Swiss Alps and Interlaken is not fair.

2. Australia:

The city of wildlife and landscapes Australia is one of the safest countries to visit. From Sydney to Melbourne which are the two biggest cities of Australia, these are the best solo female travel destinations. But I would suggest to not to limit yourself and try to explore Australia all on your own as much as you can because when I say it is the safest place then I mean it. Not just these traveling to The Outback and Uluru, rode the Ghan Train and hiking the Kata Tjuta and the Valley of Winds will make your trip more interesting and adventurous.

3. New Zealand:

If you want to witness the world’s most beautiful landscapes then New Zealand is perfect for you. For sure it is one of the best places to travel alone as a woman because the famous beaches, glaciers and fjords of New Zealand will bring a lot more adventure to your trip. The landscapes of New Zealand are so beautiful that it will sightseeing it will cheer up your mood as well as your soul. If you are someone who loves water sports then the beaches of New Zealand are waiting for you. In December the entire city gets covered with a white blanket of snow which makes it thousands of times more gorgeous.

4. Canada:

Canada is the safest places for solo female travelers around the world. Because in Canada you won’t face any kind of discrimination. This country is very liberal and is surrounded by multiculturalism. While traveling in Canada you will witness the most beautiful landscapes and some of the best places like Banff National Park, Niagara Falls, Vancouver, Toronto and many more. When you’ll start exploring this country and get to interact with the world most friendly people then you will get to know why it is famous as one of the best places for women to travel alone.

5. Iceland:

If you want to travel alone just for the sake of interacting with other followers and, you are someone who loves nightlife then Iceland will perfectly fit you. Iceland which is also known as the “City of Fire & Ice” is one of the best places to travel alone female. Visiting to Reykjavik is a must meanwhile you are in Iceland because you will experience the best nightlife and music theme ever and also get to interact with random amazing guys as well. As this country is famous for its water nature than doing water sports in here is also mandatory which will directly turn your trip into the memorable one.

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