Teach English in South Korea Summer 2020 02/04/2020

If you live in English based country and wanted to visit Asia with benefits and everything then teaching   English in South Korea can be best profession for you. In terms of experience, payments, contracts, benefits and travelling it can be the best decision of your life. Teach English in Korea and it will be an eye-opening experience for you if you are graduated.

1. Should go for Private or Public School:

 Teaching English in Korea is a respectful profession. And South Korea overall is known as the most disciplined place. Since, over their English language is not at all common that’s why teaching Korean would be an amazing involvement. Since private schools expect your 100% and in return, they won’t even give you 50% so I would go for Government or Public schools. Because comparatively private schools’ public schools have more benefits. Benefits as in you have to do less work you can deal with one class having more students, more vacations, more salaries and what not. But the point over here is it is really quite difficult to get selected in Government Schools so for that prepare yourself well enough I would advice you that.

2. Basic Requirements for a certified Teacher:

For teaching English in South Korea there is nothing much required three special things are mandatory strictly. Firstly, the most important you should have a passport of English-speaking country because without that they won’t accept you as a teacher. Second, again a basic one which is you should have a degree of a bachelor in any field from any university of at least +3 years. Third and the last one would be getting TEFL certificate is a must in order of being a certified teacher.

3. How to Get a Job:

In order to get a job for teaching English in Korea you can get in touch with private recruiters that can hook you up for public school sectors. Apart from that there are thousand of more ways by joining Facebook groups and trust us guys all of them are not scams. The most and the most effective way is through EPIK and GEPIK because they are the best. If you don’t know theses two then let me tell you, they are the two biggest recruiters for assigning jobs in Korea. Also, if you are lucky then you can also get a job in Korea through your University because usually there are affiliate programs with recruiter in Korea. Apply through any source and believe in yourself.

4. Pros, Salary and Contracts:

Now coming on the main point maybe for which you guys are scrolling down. Benefits, Pay and Contracts. When I say Koreans pay well than I mean it. For teaching they pay very high may be less than some other countries but the benefits they with it are incomparable. You will get the benefits of free tax, an apartment to live in, food, transport and what not. There are a lot of benefits with quite solid amount of pay in South Korea for teaching. So, guys it is the best in all the aspects plus the subject you have to deal with is the easiest for you keeping that in mind.

5. Tips of Planning a Lesson:

Teaching in Korea is as easy as eating as ice cream. And if you are panicking over how to plan your lessons. Then no need to get worried over that because most of the public schools provides you with textbooks on which you just have to write the topic names from book with date and day. And if your school requires you to write it then there are a lot of Korean websites from where you can take guide and make your planner accordingly with the Korean schedules because these websites helps like anything.

Thank-you for reading it till here. Hope it helped you out!

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