5 Fun Things to Do in Altoona PA this Weekend 15/04/2020

We choose our vacation destination based upon one thing or the other, some people look for man-made beauty whilst others enjoy their time soaking in the natural beauty and whatever the winds and mountains have to offer them. If you are a person that clearly prefers natural beauty over man-made any day then Altoona is the spot for you. Altoona is undoubtedly a great piece of land created by a guide that resides in the center of Pennsylvania (PA). Altoona is a destination that is desired for by many people who love to spend their time amidst forest and barren land to enjoy their time. You may question “What are the things to do in Altoona, PA?” We say there are plenty if you wish to explore the city. After researching and exploring it is safe to say that there are plenty of things to do in Altoona PA. For your guidance and assistance, we have mentioned some of the things you can do to make your trip memorable.

1. HorseShoe Curve

HorseShoe curve has created history as it is the most significant place in the transportation history of the U.S. The HorseShoe Curve is also known as the wonders of PA because of the ancient history attached to it. The HorseShoe Curve is also known as wonder because it enabled the train to pass through the Allegheny Mountain which was at time a huge deal. If you haven't witnessed it, it'll be the best thing to do in Altoona PA. The establishment of this train system was the inauguration of western development in the country. To view the train in action and learn more about the past operations, this place is a must visit.

2. Chimney rocks Park

Chimney Rocks Parks is located in Hollidaysburg and is the most exotic location of the town. This park displays a lot of types of chimneys, exaggerated hills and stone that allow the people visiting to have an amazing experience. If you visit there and climb up the hill you will get to see the most exotic and breath-taking view of Hollidaysburg downtown. If you want to stay active throughout your vacation this is the most appropriate thing to do in Altoona PA as the 0.7-mile hiking trails will bring some movement in your body along with an exceptional view.

3. Baker’s Mansion

Baker’s mansion is not only a mansion as the name suggests but it is rather a historical museum which has a lot of historical things displayed. Many people are real wanderers and they wish to learn about the history, roots and culture of the city, if you fall in the same category then this place is a must visit for you. Inside the museum there are interactive displays which will help you see and learn about the most amazing historical fact about the city. It is more cultural than scientific; you will learn about the lifestyle of nomads.

4. Delgrosso's Park

Delgrosso’s park is one of the tourist’s loved spots as it is a huge space for activity. You can also find attractive rides there that you can avail by paying a little amount. This park is amazing to visit with family where you can enjoy adventurous rides.

5. RailRoad Memorial Museum

As you may be aware Altoona is the railway activity hub, so you will find a lot of railway attractions here. Railroad Memorial Museum is another historical attraction of Altoona. This museum has every detail about how railways are formed. This museum is a fun location to visit with children especially.

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