5 Fun Things to Do in Champaign IL this Weekend 10/04/2020

Have you heard about Champaign Urbana, well we are mostly certain that you have, if not the city then you must have had champagne have you not? We are going to talk about Champaign Urbana which is small town barely 130 meters from Illinois. The university of Illinois mainly describes the history and culture of that area to be specifies. With the things to do in Champaign IL (Illinois), we have used our exquisite taste to bring together 5 places that you can list under the heading of things to do in Champaign IL. Like us you also may be searching for spots that can satisfy the inner artistic sight in you and you look to take vacation all year round so you visit towns and cities that ooze history. Well we understand that you want the small-town vibe of the city to remain intact, hence, we have shortlisted places that are a perfect fit for those who need to relax and sooth their minds. If you looking to take vacation where you do not have to hustle so much look at the places down below as they are perfect fit for your needs.

1. University of Illinois Champaign-Urbana

For the things to do in Champaign il we choose University of Illinois Urbana first because to explore and know the city better it is important to look at the history of the place. When you look at the history you get more deeply connected to the place. The university is 150 years old has educated more people then you can imagine at this point. This university may be old but has all the things that modern times require like stadium and outdoor classes.

2. Crystal Lake Park

If you are visiting Champaign you can not miss this scenic surrounding at any cost, the crystal lake park is the heart of the town with an exquisite natural view. This is not only a lake view park but also has a lot of other communal activities like pools and other educational resources which can help you learn a lot about species and creatures.  To add more to your fun there is also a lake house that has a superb view of the lake. You can also rent a boat and go boating in the lake.

3. Downtown Champaign

Every city has its own downtown that has so much to offer to the tourists. You cannot only find places to shop the real local stuff but food is also amazing. In Champaign Downtown you get to have amazing food, the Sam’s café breakfast is the absolute highlight of the downtown. If you are visiting the town with children, we can understand how you feel because children are impatient. You don’t have to worry because Champaign downtown has children museum which would not let them get bored. Annually there is also a street fest where you can enjoy music and have tasty food.

4. Urbana’s Market at the Square

We all wish to have food that will sooth are stomach, the food that is organic but taste delicious at the same time. In this case you should visit Urbana’s market that has small vendors selling fresh food. You can stalk up the fresh food that is good for your well-being.

5. Spurlock Museum

Spurlock Museum is an amazing visual site and has sculptures that you though you could only see in Italy. There are over 50000 artifacts in the museum that are collected from all over the world for display.  The Museum is 55000 square feet big and has two stories of artifact display.

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