5 Things to Do in Ensenada Mexico 10/04/2020

We can’t wait for summer because with summer comes vacation, we wait all year long to travel some other place and spend our time away from home which is sweet and sour at the same time. Are you just like us who research about small towns and cities that have so much to offer in terms of touristy spots but also at the same time comforting? We also have been researching in our spare time about the spots that can be amazing to visit and will stay with us forever. Ensenada is one of the small cities along the Mexican port, well does port strike something in your mind? You are right, you can spend your time in cruise across the port and take some Instagram worthy pictures with amazing scenic background. We came up with the things to do in Ensenada, each of this place is equally swoon worthy. So, check out the things to do in Ensenada and see for yourself which place deserves a visit. This place is perfect and will require just some light activity, this way you wouldn’t exhaust yourself.

1. Jeep Adventure Tour

Are you always up for some bumpy ride? If your life lacks some thrill and is your life is boring at the moment, don’t worry the Jeep Adventure Tour will add so much adventure.  The jeep ride will be so fast and steady that you will forget all the thoughts that keep on disrupting your mental peace and you will just love the whole experience. Every spot that you so on your way is picture worthy, you can also book guides to tell you each of the cultural and historical detail of the spot you see. Jeep Adventure Tour should definitely be in the things to do in Ensenada.

2. Baja Bandidos Horseback Trail

What better than horse riding and enjoying the spectacular view at the same time. Did you know to travel up the steep mountains the ancient people use to use horses? So is the culture today, to hike up those high peaks’ horses will help you like no car or trail bike. Baja Bandidos Horseback Trail is on of the most tourist friendly spot that offers guide to you, you can see the mesmerizing spot on your way and at the same time no the background history about it.

3. Deep Sea Fishing

Diving underwater and seeing the fishes pass you, you feel like you are one of them. Deep sea diving and fishing is like a meditation, once you do it you can not seem to stop. Well Deep-Sea Fishing in Ensenada is something else. You do not only find fishes like tuna, snapper and salmon but you also get a chance to witness grey whales and Dolphins, isn’t it exciting? The serenity of the sea will calm your mind and the fishes that you catch will melt in your mouth giving you an exotic flavor.

4. Bufadora Kayak Tour

Do you love water and wonder how it would feel to paddle near the blowhole? Well, don’t look anywhere and just visit the Bufadora Kayak where you will get to explore the most beautiful wonder of the nature. The Bufadora Kayak Tour allows you to paddle in the clear waters and see the blowhole clearly.

5. Wine Country Tours

Who doesn’t enjoy fine wine? There are two wineries in Ensenada and each is worth seeing. The wineries lie in the area of Calafia Valley, you can book your self a guided tour of the wine yard and enjoy tasting fine wines of various kinds.

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