5 Fun Things to Do in Hickory NC this Weekend 10/04/2020

It is summer here already, have you decided your next cool spot for that summer vacay? If not, then we are going to tell you about the most desired place for vacation that will surely make you change your mind about staying at home for vacation. Did you guess it? Its Hickory, what else can we choose other than the city of view and town beauty, the real essence of country lies in its streets where you can witness all the history and people that make the town a home. This place is having a lot of scenic beauty and North Carolina mountains that will make you want to extend your trip even more. Other than the natural beauty this spot has a lot more to offer, hence, if we influenced you in making last minute booking to Hickory you must check out the things to in Hickory NC (North Carolina), we have brainstormed and hand picked some of the destination that will suit every persons choice and taste. So, what is the wait for? Add all these destinations to your things to do in Hickory NC notes.

1. L.P Frans Stadium

There is no denial that the game weekends and school matches were our favorite days. The match brings out the competitive spirit in us and we all jump up to support our favorite teams. If you are travelling to Hickory and your trip happens to be around the basketball league time, you shouldn’t miss the opportunity to book your self those ticket, trust us it is the best thing to do in Hickory NC. The matches usually take place in the huge L.P Frans Stadium along with 4000 more and you can also book yourself a VIP ticket.

2. Lake Hickory

What better way to spend the vacation than laying on a yacht and watching amazing views and maybe a sunset? Well, if you are a person who does not like to do crazy exerting activities while on vacation, you should definitely try visiting the Lake Hickory that is known for its amazing picture spots. If you own an Instagram you might want to give some pleasing pictures to your followers. This place is a must thing to do in Hickory NC, as if you go do Hickory and does not visit this place you are missing out for sure.

3. Hickory Museum of Art

If you are an art lover lets fist pump because we love ancient art too. This art museum is not only mesmerizing and information but it is also free to visit, who doesn’t like free stuff? Well we definitely do.  You will get to witness a lot of cultural art as well as American art in the museum which will spike up you interest in art even more. If you do not have that much understanding of art don’t worry you can book yourself a guide who will give you a guided tour of the museum.

4. Blue Ridge Mountains

There are two types of people on this planet, one who are beach bums and other that like some height in their lives by visiting mountains every chance they get. Well Blue Ridge mountains are magnificent when it comes to the view and greenery. They are recreated at 189 acres with 6 miles of hiking trail.

5. Hickory Framer’s Market

Our body is the home to our soul and protecting it is our utmost responsibility. we can not put food in our system that is filled with chemicals, to get fresh food that is picked and grown with love you should visit the Hickory Farmer’s market to taste food that is fresh and delicious.

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