5 Fun Things to Do in Joplin MO 08/04/2020

We all are aware of big cities and their specialties but we have fairly little knowledge of the cities that are small. However, these small cities possess real cultural authenticity and have so much to offer than the famous big destination.  A place like this is what we have discovered to bring your attention towards it. The name of the city is Joplin that is geographically found in Missouri. Well, most of us are aware of this city, on the other hand, a lot of people don't know the real beauty of this city, we came up with a list of things to do in Joplin MO, this will help you plan out your itinerary well. Joplin began as a mining city in the 19th century but slowly built its value over the years. It is now the main hub where the tourist began their destiny along the historic routes. If you plan on visiting this visually enticing city then keep the following places in your list of things to do in Joplin Missouri as they won't disappoint you.

1. George Washington Carver National Monument

Do you love national parks as we do? Well, George Washington Carver National Monument is worth adding to the things to do in Joplin MO, this national monument was established in 1943 and has been a tourist attraction ever since, this monument is something you would not get bored of even if you visit it a couple of times, it is huge and will take you at least a couple of visits to go through all of it. This monument is one of the first national monuments that is not established in the honor of the president.  A little portion of the national monument is also a carver house hence, the name is inspired by that.

2. Candy House Gourmet

Most of us are guilty of having too many sweets, have you lost any tooth because of eating too many candies? All the candy lovers will love Candy House Gourmet which was formed in 1970 in the downtown. Its owner has altered over the decades but the taste of the former candy remains intact.  They are famous for making everything by hand which is one of their bonus points, you would not return empty-handed for sure. They make a variety of candies and sweets like chocolates, sweet popcorns, caramel, and English toffees. You can wander around this place while getting free samples.

3. Grand Falls

Can you feel the nature speaking to you as the water flows? Well, Grand Falls is one thing you should visit for sure. So, what are you waiting for? Add it to the things to do in Joplin MO right now. Grand falls is a continuous flow of water that gives you amazing visual beauty. The 12 feet water body allows you to swim and catch fishes in the clear water. This place is super kid-friendly also.

4. Joplin 44 Petro

Joplin 44 Petro is an amazing place and a must-visit, you should visit this place even if you are there for a small period. This place has much more to offer to you than gas and car service. This place is heaven for kids as they get to explore a variety of vehicles and restaurants. 

5. Joplin Museum Complex

If you are interested in the history of Joplin and the old mines, you should visit the Joplin Museum complex as it widely explains the history of the city. This complex is huge and is established by assembling to mine lands. This place will allow you to learn about how Joplin originated.

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