5 Fun Things to do in Lubbock TX 08/04/2020

Do you dream of visiting places that tune in with your inner self? There are a lot of hidden gems in this world that remain unexplored, one of them is Lubbock. Lubbock is a culturally enriched area that is situated in the Texas city which in itself is a vibrant and diverse city. Lubbock is filled with arts and colors that draw the attention of many people around the world, in return making them visit this beautiful place. If shortly you have decided to visit Lubbock then the things to do in Lubbock TX are something you’re planning, Lubbock has multiple places to go although in a short visit it is not possible to visit every place that this area has to offer. We have shortlisted 5 places that cater to every person’s taste. Must add the following things in the things to do Lubbock Texas itinerary. 

1. The National Ranching Heritage Center

Do you fall into the category of people that enjoy history and want to know the cultural roots of a city? If yes you can miss this place, rank this place high in your things to do in Lubbock list. The National Ranching Heritage Center offers a unique outlook on the architecture of the western area of the USA. This heritage center has 49 ancient structures displayed from the 1970s to the late 1900s. the oldest place that you will see in the center is the replicated version as the monument has decayed. This heritage center is established on a 19 acres acre area allowing the tourist to explore the historic ruins.

2. Bayer Museum of Agriculture

Have you ever wondered, how the food you eat is grown? Well, agriculture is a huge part of a countries economy and we all should have an idea of how the food we eat is grown. The Bayer Museum of Agriculture is wide land that represents all the elements of farming which is a quite interesting process to observe. If you like to explore you should give this place a go. Add this place to the list of things to do in Lubbock as it won’t disappoint you.

3. American Wind Mill Museum

Windmill gives us all vintage vibes, doesn’t it? Well if you have watched the windmills in the movies and are memorized by them, seeing them in real will make you get lost in the gigantic structure. Lubbock has an American Windmill Museum established over a wide chunk of land. The driveway in the intercity will lead you to see the gigantic windmills in the distance. This museum has a windmill displayed from the 1860s. This museum not only has windmills displayed but also 6600 square foot train to represent the connection between train and windmill.

4. Silent Wings Museum

Another absolute favorite tourist spot of Lubbock is Silent Wings Museum which is dedicated to the pilots that lost their lives during world war II, they were also trained at this place where the museum resides currently. A glider is hung from the ceiling to help people visiting have a clear view of the inside of the glider. It is a very interesting place for children as well.

5. Prairie Dog Town

Are you a dog lover? If you are, we don’t blame you because they are such cute creatures. If you’re are a dog lover this spot will be a paradise for you because it is filled with Prairie dogs. When you will enter the dog town you will witness them running everywhere freely and you will have a cuteness overdose just watching them play.

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