5 Fun Things to Do in San Francisco at Night Under 21 15/04/2020

We all have heard about the beauty of San Francisco and it has been a cult vacation spot for many people during the summer. There are many places that have many places to visit in the day barely thing to do at night. However, you will applaud the thing to do in San Francisco at night with family. Nights at San Francisco are quite interesting. The night-life of San Francisco is heavily dependent on the area you are staying in; in some parts you may feel that the city is dead quiet and, in some areas, you will feel that the party has begun. Unlike New York city, where you will find busy streets and various party options at night, San Francisco is the city of secret spots you will have to do quite a lot of research to find out the things to do in San Francisco at night. The most interesting fact about San Francisco is that it has things to cater every person’s interest. The locals that are residents of the city are humble and helping, you will easily figure out addresses to the places just by asking around. You can also find outdoor spaces as well as indoor fancy bars for good music and dance.

1. Alcatraz Night Tour

Alcatraz owns a number of cruises that provide night tours, they are beautiful at the same time creepy which induces excitement in individuals. If you love to experience things that are borderline scary you should grab a ticket fast and embark on the journey of seeing the famous prisons when it is pitch black at night. The boat tour starts from the pier 33 and the tour takes place from Tuesday to Saturday beginning at 6 pm.

2. San Francisco Love Tours

The most exciting thing to do in San Francisco at night is the San Francisco Love tour, we know it sounds cheesy but is absolutely worth time and money. If you wish to explore San Francisco to the fullest you must tour around as they show the guest most exotic spots of San Francisco and especially the night tour is very relaxing and fun. The Love Tours offer the tourist a tour package that starts at 7:30 pm and goes on for quite some time. You can also avail light tours by them if you visit in December.

3. Electric Tour Company

If you are an electric savvy and want to explore an electric company you should definitely book yourself a spot as the tour starts at night and you get to explore two of the most famous neighborhoods which are little Italy and Chinatown. The night tour of the electric company is about 2.5 hours long and they make a pit stop at the Bay Bridge where you get to see the night lights that shine perfectly looking magical at night. They offer special tours at the time of Halloween that is a must thing to do in San Francisco at night.

4. Ghost Hunt Walking Tour

The Ghost hunt tour sounds creepy but, it is the most amazing experience you'll have in San Francisco at night. The Ghost Hunt tours carry out the Ghost walk in San Francisco at night. The ticket for the tour is priced at 20$ for a single person, it is quite affordable as well.

5. Pub Crawl

If you are traveling with a bundle of friends then this place is a must thing to do in San Francisco at night. The Pub crawl is a company that provides for four bars and is opened from 8 onwards at night. This place is amazing to interact with some locals.

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