5 Unique Things to Do in Southern California Attractions 05/04/2020

Southern California is simply the package of happiness because over here you will find anything for everyone. If someone is a water sports lover there a lot of Beaches in Southern California, if someone is a fashionista then there are a lot of gorgeous designer boutiques never forgetting the famous dive bars of Southern California. There are a lot of fun things to do in So Cal that one week will not enough for you and you won’t get bored over here even after spending a year. From San Diego, Santa Barbara and a lot of Southern California is simply the best. And we will tell you some of the best things to do in Southern California and never getting over them. 

1. Camp Out on the Seashore:

Camping on the beach is a mandatory thing to do in So Cal. Here are so many beautiful beaches that you won’t get over by visiting it for some time. Two of the best beaches are Crystal Cove State Park and El Capitan State Park and trust me over here after doing a surf, swim and fishing and night camping will make your experience a lot more fascinating. You at least need a whole day to explore and roam around the beautiful white sand and absorb the sight of beautiful water. Not just hat one of the most magical things in el Capitan State beach is that in fall Monarch Butterflies comes to breed. And this enchanting scene in person is one of the most unique things to do in Southern California.  

2. Sightsee the State Street in Santa Barbara:

Well, in Santa Barbara you will find the best Southern California attractions ever. This city is so stunning that just roaming around it while sightseeing the architecture will make your heart full. If you want to do something more fascinating in Santa Barbara then do visit beautiful boutique which offers indie styles, the delicious cuisines. American Riviera will make you realize the beauty of this city because everyone wears their heart on sleeves in this city.  

3. Griffith Observatory:

If you are dramatic in person or crazy lover of Hollywood then you just need to visit Griffith observatory. Where you will see the Samuel Oschin Planetarium, also get to see the close view of almost all the Hollywood stars. From Griffith observatory you will see the starts beyond the world and will admire them for the rest of your lives. Because the view it offers is beyond amazing. 

4. Kayak La Jolla Cove:

Being here you will never get to think: What to do in Southern California? Because this place is filled with a lot of adventures and activities that you can’t get bored for even the slightest second. Kayak La Jolla Cove is the best for you if you are water lover because over here you will get to do snorkeling, kayaking and never forgetting diving. And if you are not a water lover still, I would recommend you to do Kayaking and have the most fun moment of your life.   

5. Hit the Tracks:

Hiking in Southern California is something you should be at any cost because stuff is so much fun. And the best thing about Southern California is that it has hikes of levels starting from easy path to the middle and the tough one. Again, you will find everything in So Cal in your favor and fall in love with this place like anything. One of the best hikes that we would suggest to you guys would be The Slot in Anza Borrego, stunning bridge to Nowhere and never forgetting to the Hollywood sign.

The idea of visiting Southern California is so beautiful than just imagine what would it feel when you will visit. It is the best place ever!

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