5 Things to Do in Twin Falls Idaho 07/04/2020

Twin waterfall, Idaho city is situated in the United States of America and it is said to be the most breathtaking waterworks of nature. Are you a water baby and love everything water? I am sure many of us prefer beaches and waterfalls over the mountains. If you fall in the same category then you'll love Twin falls situated in the Idaho city. However, the twin falls is a vast area and encases a lot of other destinations which will blow your mind. There are a couple of things to do in twin Falls Idaho. If you wish to visit this place or have planned to visit twin falls in the near future you need to love at the following things before planning your tour. We have handpicked five of the most exotic places which you need to add in your things to do in twin Falls Idaho list.

1. Shoshone Fall

Have you ever wondered what paradise feels or looks like? Well this spot will take you back because it is beyond what a human can imagine. This spot is one of the most famous and visited by tourists because of its spectacular view. If you have not mentioned it in the list of things to do in Twin Falls Idaho, you will be majorly missing out. This mesmerizing water lake masterpiece stretches up to 200 feet. The water is constantly moving making the view even more pleasing to the eye.  An elongated platform is also built over the water to help get the visitors a magnified view of the water. The Shoshone fall is at its peak in July and April; however, you can visit it any time and still go breathless by its view.

2. Centennial Waterfront Park

Do you feel nature's sound when you visit nature-filled spots? Well most of us feel calm and serene at these spots, we forget our usual life burdens and just immerse in the view. Centennial Water Front Park is one most magnificent spot that lies in the center spot of Snake River Canyon. There is also an extended green park adjacent to the lake view which a great opportunity to explore the bushes through hiking or biking. This park is also famous for its guided tours where you get to explore nature like never before. So, what is the wait for, add it to your things to do in Twin Falls Idaho list.

3. Rock Creek

Do they say nature heals everything, what better than a drive-in nature and healing your soul? If you are planning out things to do in Twin Falls Idaho then you should surely add Rock Cree which is a 30 miles long highway which leads to this park which was a junkyard at first. If you visit this spot now you won't even be able to tell it was a landfill because now it is filled with water streams that are followed by walking trails and an amazing picnic spot.

4. Sawtooth National Forest

Are you a person that likes to wander? Sawtooth National Forest is a huge land spread that takes at least 2 hours to reach from twin falls. It is land filled with elongated waterways and mountains that makes this place look surreal. This place is worth an explore folks!

5. Canyon Spring Gulf Coast

Do you fancy playing golf? We bet you haven't seen a golf coast with this much scenic beauty. This golf coast is absolutely heaven on earth, it is adjacent to Centennial Park. The gulf coast is 18 hole which guarantees that you will have an amazing time. This place is an absolute feast for all golf enthusiasts.

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