5 Fun Things to Do in Valdosta GA This Weekend 10/04/2020

All the small-town people raise your hand, well we can virtually see that a lot you belong to small town, well we wouldn’t blame you if you think that small towns are much better than big cities. We know that many people out there wish to visit small towns all across the country as they give the real essence of the culture and history of a country. Are you planning a summer vacation soon? If yes, we suggest you go to Valdosta Georgia it is a small town with only population of 54000 people.  This place is definitely worth visiting as it has all the touristy places which you would want to go to. Valdosta is also popular as Azalea city, this city is very green and you will see bushes growing everywhere in this small town making the atmosphere very fresh. You may think it is a small town but there are a lot of things to do in Valdosta GA (Georgia). You should look at the list of places below to plan out the things to do in Valdosta GA.

1. Freedom Park

We like a breath of fresh air just like you, hence we thought Freedom park deserves to be added in the list of things to do in Valdosta GA. Freedom park is a huge land with a lot of recreational spots, the park is about  250 acres and 9 basketball courts if you love sports what better place than Freedom Park. The park also has soccer field of 10 acre, is your mind blow? Well ours too. The space in this park is huge you can even have a small picnic in this part with your family.

2. Grand Bay Wetland Education Center

Do you wish to see wildlife once in your life? Well you shouldn’t miss this chance at all as Grand Bay Wetland Education Center is a huge wildlife management center which will make every wild thought of yours comes true. This space is a very good for children as they can learn a lot about animals and wetland. This place has a lot of spots that offer educational experiences and also there is a tower which gives and extended view of the surrounding environment so you can have a bird’s eye view.

3. Jungle Jym’s Family Fun Center

The Jungle Jym’s family Fun center is a fun place as the name suggest it is 2500 square feet long space which allows the children and families to have a fun indoor experience.  There is also a golf course with 18 holes which gives you a perfect time to learn golf. You can also conduct a party there as it has 5 rooms that are assigned to have private parties in them. There are also child friendly play areas with bounce and softballs which will make your children have time of their lives. 

4. Lowndes County Historical Society and Museum

This Historical society and Museum were built in honor to preserve the history of the city and also its surrounding premises. There is also a wide display of old art and photos that will make you appreciate the history of the town. Its place is also a library where you can spend your time gaining extra knowledge. 

5. South Georgia Pecan Company

Who loves pecans? Well we do that pecan pie and pecan sweet nut toffee makes our mouth water just by thinking about it. The South Georgia Pecan Company is providing the town with fresh pecans for over 100 years. You can visit company and stroll along with some delicious pecans.

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