5 Best Family Beaches in 2020 07/03/2020

Who doesn’t love to have a wonderful time under the scorching sun along with the calming voice and view of sea? There are thousands of water babies out there who loves to do water sports as in surfing on tides, snorkeling, jet ski and what not. A lot of families always spend the quality time on the beaches but not all the beaches are perfect to have fun on. That is why best family beaches has done its research for you guys and make it simpler for you to have the fun at the vacation’s you guys plan along with the sun, sand and a cottage with a perfect view. Some of the best beaches are noted down by us for you to make it easier in deciding where to go and have a blast. 

1. Florida; Clear Water Beach which is Perfect for Dolphin Tales:

Clearwater beach is perfect to go for the vacations because the main reason is it is ranked no. 1 in the United States by TripAdvisor. It is a family friendly beach vacation spot. Not just that you get to meet the friendliest aquatic stars dolphins Winter and Tales and meeting them would be worth of all the money and time invested. Clear Water Beach is also provided with beautiful Aquarium. Going to this famous beach and not attending sunset festival on Pier 60 and that with all the free entertainment is not justified. Florida’s one of the finest beaches also has the amenity of life guards, showering spots and public restrooms. 

2. Oregon; Cannon Beach: Fits perfectly for the nature admirer:

1980’s famous film Goonies sensational spot Cannon Beach is one of the family beach vacation spots. It is just not known due to the movie but also its very beautiful famous rock which raises the highest rocks ever and carries biggest castles underneath. If you are planning to swim then don’t forget to wear swimsuits to keep your self safe from the highest waves. It also has the beauty of birds chirping and flying in the same co-ordination which adds more beauty to Oregon. Visiting to the Bruce’s Candy Kitchen is a must because it offers the sweetest and yummiest handmade fudge, caramel corn and salt-water taffy since 1960. 

3. New York’s Coopers Beach: Best for Daydreamers of Gatsby:

Cooper’s Beach located almost 1 and half hour away from the Manhattan, is ranked among the top 10 beaches of the America. It is a peaceful Caribbean -like which is perfect for surfing along the tide and your kids can splash in the water without you getting worried for them. Because it has life guards for there and your safety. Forward to the Coopers Beach you will find the most beautiful mega-mansion “Gold Coast” and feel the most 90’s vibe ever. The cute bakery Tate’s Bake Shop is also located nearby for you the enjoy delicious chocolate chip cookies and cakes. 

4. San Diego; Coronado Beach: Best for Playing with sand:

San Diego is the best family vacation in U.S and  has the masterpiece of tropical feels Island which energies southern California. Its tallest palm trees make Coronado Beach more beautiful along with perfect water for swimming and splashing. It also has the perfect tides for the surfers to have the fun along with the life guards to keep and eye on your kids. So, to all the families having lots of kids out there feel care free to join San Diego’s beauty Coronado Beach because it is undoubtedly best place to chill and relax. 

5. South Carolina; Hilton Head Island:

South Carolina is the best family vacations in the world. And Hilton Head island is for kid friendly beach vacation which offers beautiful scenic as well as you can enjoy by having bike rides.

These beaches are the best which provides the best views. Hope we helped you in your confusion by describing best beaches for family vacations in short.

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