Dearly Departed Tours 18/02/2020

For all the people with keen interest in crime scenes and celebrities’ personal lives, Dearly Departed Tours offer you to witness all that happened to the celebrities like Manson, Michael, Janis and Whitney. Who is loved by each and every one of you! While watching their movies and crime scenes we all wanted to experience it n the real life. So Dearly Departed Tours is definitely here to turn you dream into reality and to take you to the adventure which will be lifetime memorable for you guys.  

We are a Los Angeles (California) based tourist company. Well, Los Angles is itself know as the city of celebrities and a city of luxuries. We provide a multimedia bus tour in Los Angeles, where the tourists will get to see the crime scene locations, crime scene photographs, the final resting place of some celebrities, and even get to listen the 911 calls that have been made during the tragic encounters. We give you guys the chance to witness everything with you eyes and absorb all of crimes scenes in you. By sight seeing each and very location curiosity will generate in you guys to watch more and that is how your whole tour will be full of excitement and thrill. So, if you are a huge fan of crimes scenes investigations genre so you just need to visit us. We will definitely make you experience life time.

There are three different featured tours that we offer:

1. Tragical History Tour:

Tragical History Tour is a full-on Hollywood Celebrity Tour. This is a multimedia bus tour in which the tourists will witness the houses and final resting places of the celebrities in Los Angeles. Who doesn’t want to catch the vibe of the celebrities and want to know where they get ready into the beautiful creatures, where they get reharls for the crime scenes and gives the best shots? Everyone I know right! That’s why we are here to provide you guys exactly what you want.  This tour will also hit the scandals of famous Hollywood celebrities like Chris Brown and Rihanna, as promised it’s a dream tour and we’ll give you guys are level best. All in all, this tour is for the thrill fanatic people. This tour can be experienced Thursday through Sunday. Yeah, we are not available in the busiest days of the week because we know how hard it is to take time out from working days.

2. Helter Skelter Hour:

For the crime fanatic people, Helter Skelter Hour will prove to be the best option for them. This can be availed on weekends only. Tourists will witness the recreation of criminals, victims and the horrific crime scenes. You guys will see everything with your own eyes. And get to know the behind the scenes of the crime movies which may make you all fall in love even more by get to know how much of hard work they put just to make you guys entertained. So common book your tickets now and have the time of your lives.

3. Homicide True Crime Tour:

We also provide you guys with the real homicide true crime tour to show you all the real side of the crimes. We also make sure to take care of your health but this sight-seeing these stuffs in persons brings out the sense of responsibility in one’s life and they get to know that they’re here for themselves only but also for the world. By witnessing every thrill with your naked eyes, you will become even huge fans of crimes genre.

So, what you guys expect more than that from one touring agency? Common books you tickets now! We’re waiting for your arrival.

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