Oak Island Tours 25/02/2020

From the title it is quite sure that we are Canadian Company. Now! If you guys don’t know what and who we are then. Let me first elaborate you all to the Oak Island. Well, Oak Island is a private Island at Luneburg, Country on the Southshore of Nova Scotia. Well, undoubtedly it is and breath-taking Island but you can not go there without the tour guide, we are done with the Oak Island introduction sort of thing. Now the point comes how to go there. Well that is what for we are here. Oak Island Tours is here to take you on the adventurous journey on one of the best islands of the world. So, if you are up for the adventure and you are an island as well as water lover than we are what you gotta look for. We provide you guys with our famous tour guides ever who’ll make you trip more exciting with their knowledge.

Types of Tours:

Oak Island Tours provide you guys with two types of tours. Must innovating thing for you guys right? No need to get shocked because it will surprise you guys in a positive way. Two types of tours are Oak Island Tours Inc (OIT) and Friends of Oak Island Society (FOIS), well these two will give every kind of extra adventurous out there. And you all will have the blast out there. May it be surfing in the Island, Swimming or anything. These two types will make your journey hundred times of more interesting and exciting as well. So common guys gather you friends, family, crew or life partner and get them and yourselves ready for one of the hells of the ride. But let us also inform you guys with the important news that these two types are only available for weekends and not for the weekdays. Just to make your holidays way spicier.

Advance Bookings:

As told, you all before, that Oak Island is one of the most famous Islands out there. And also told you before that we provide the best services out there so due to that we all deal with advance bookings. Yeah right there is not thing like last minute bookings in our case. The crowd is too much and as too much people wants to go there and have the best time along with us so that’s why our policy is of advance booking. And especially if you are 20 people or more than 20 people all together than make sure to come to us and book your tickets a week before.  We just don’t want you guys to experience any inconveniences and especially don’t want to ruin your plans. So do the advance booking right now and get yourself ready for the most amazing and joyous trip right there. 

Whether Forcasting:

While traveling on Island the main and big issue is of whether changing unpredictably and if it will start raining than sadly your trip is ruined. Well no need to worry because we always keep our eye on the whether and the mood of the clouds. If we felt any slightest confusion with the cloud’s mood then we let them cry and cancel your trip. Hey! No need to worry about that because in any of such conditions which happened only once in all the times, we took our clients, we make sure refund all of your solid amounts and then you guys can book again with those.

So, if you are a water baby and islands are something that relaxes your mind and refreshes your soul and you are Canadian. Then visit us and make yourself ready for the best trips of 2020. Because our client’s happiness brings smile on our faces.

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