Santa Barbara Classic Wine Tours 14/02/2020

SANTA BARBARA is the beautiful city of itself well know central California coast. One thing that takes our attention eavesdropping about Santa Barbara is its famous Santa Ynez Valley, which totally gives the dramatic and filmy vibes ever. Who don’t want to come out of their hassles from the daily monotonous lives and sight-see while feeling the one of the fascinating cities of them all? I know right we all want that so SANTA BARBARA CLASSIC WINE TOURS is perfectly right choice to solve your travelling mysteries. We give you all the comfort on could desire with the best and most comfortable fleets in the town. We make sure to provide you with every entertainment we could while respecting your demands. So, if you want dwell around the cities of drama and need some-one whom you can totally rely on and trustworthy agency so we’re absolutely the right choice.


 We offer the most and advance fleet ever which includes the model of 2018 Mercedes Benz Sprinter or the model 2016 of Mercedes Benz which is also know by most of you as Baby Sprinter. Yeah you read it right we offer the most advance mini coaches. And one coach does not allow more than 29 passengers and least 11 passengers because we value the comfort of our customers the most. Bringing out the comfort topic let me tell you guys our fleets are the tidiest, have the most comfortable leather seats and fully air conditioned (caring about the temperature as well). By sitting one them you feel relaxed and enjoy the trip through out the journey. Also, we try to keep our group as minimal as we can so that there’s no rush and you guys can feel and sightsee the beautiful SANTA BARBARA without any interruption of the crowd. So, if you’re the on who is planning to go on the trip to Santa Barbara come to us to give feast to yourself.


Santa Barbara is very famous for wine stuff. So, don’t need to think about that too much because Santa Barbara Classic Wine Tours have their sources with the best wine supplying companies. And we’ll make sure to feast you with amazing wines so that you guys can remember us in your beautiful mind for the rest of your lives and visit is again and again. 


On the tour apart from the destination where we planned to go, the resort/hotel where we’re staying throughout the trip is no doubt mood cheerer or the mood exploiter. Here we offer the famous Mattie’s Tavern. Mattie’s Cottages are the most beautiful cottages of Santa Barbara and as promised we’ll give the service that’s why we planned to keep your stay on the famous cottage so that you can enjoy the scenery of the beautiful location you chose. Mattie’s Tavern is the best historic places of Santa Ynez which gives the most dramatic background with the romantic vibes and if you’re with the love of your life then it’s the treat for you. Well if you’re not a historic kind of a person then we offer two more resorts Bern at Retreats (coziest one of them all) and Santa Ynez Vacation Rentals which also provides the luxurious hotels with the breathtaking view.

We highlighted some of the services that SANTA BARBARA CLASSIC WINE TOURS offer to their customers to make you guys certain about our hospitality and that we keep your delightfulness over everything and try to give you guys the best of them all. You guys can contact us anytime and book you trip with us. We’re always available to make your trip memorable.

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