Vacation Rentals vs. Hotels Which is Perfect for Your Trip? 25/02/2020

Vacation Rental Homes are a thriving market place for travelers and vacationers. There is a trend of raising awareness, and once travelers discover the advantages of staying in a vacation rental, it will often become their preferred future accommodation. People coming from all over the world are finding ways to make their Rupees stretch. Reserving a hotel room may be ideal for a brief stay of just 1-3 nights, with party size, but what if you wanted to stay a little longer and have more guests than what a single hotel room can fit? A more suitable option for many travelers is to venture out and stay in a privately owned vacation condo or rental home. Privately owned houses are great for guests to experience that sense of togetherness with their families but also to enjoy some privacy from them as well.

Hotels can limit where you can relax, and it is hard to close the door into a quiet place away from the rest of the party. Reading a novel or a book before you go to sleep might seem impossible, with your children blaring the television watching the latest episode of their favorite cartoons or TV-show. Some hotels have options for joint suites for more privacy, but if your hotel does not provide suites, you are confined into one room without doors! If having some quiet time is essential for you, take a look at a vacation rental home. Picture having a five-bedroom private home perfect for the entire family at practically the same cost of a hotel room! Fancy that time by yourself in your own room, but at the same time be able to watch a movie together in the living room and have a family meal cooked in your own kitchen.

To cater to this dilemma, whether to select hotel or vacation rentals, we have compiled a checklist to guide your choice in deciding the perfect accommodation for your trip.

1. Budget – high or low

Prices can vary according to the location, size, and duration of your stay. If you are not on a fixed budget, staying at a hotel might be more enticing than spending a night in a vacation home. Unlike a vacation rental, a hotel gives more customer-oriented services such as a concierge to attend to any needs you might have, as room-keeping services and 24-hour reception. Staying in a hotel, and when you are back after a long day spent exploring the city, you can be certain to return to a tidied room.

If your budget is not quite as flexible, vacation rentals are the best option. The greatest perk is that instead of getting a room all to yourself, you get a complete house! This often comes with a fully functioning kitchen, a living room, and a bedroom.

2. Location – Suburb or City

The reason why most hotels are expensive is due to the fact that they are located in the city center, nearby top attractions, or conveniences, such as fast food outlets, shopping arenas, tourist sites etc. In fact, hotels take pride on the basis that their location is ideal for travelers. This is due to the convenience of achieving both transport connectivity and meals, should you choose to stay here. If you are looking to have a 24-hour convenience store and a train or bus station right at your doorstep, a hotel might serve as a more suitable choice compared to a vacation rental.

Although there are also many vacation rentals hailed for their location right in the middle of the city, some examples include apartment complexes or townhouses. While hotels tend to be located centrally, vacation rentals tend to be spread all around. Due to the comparatively lower prices, vacation rentals found in the best locations tend to be snatched up in a jiffy, so do note their vacancy rates and try to book in advance if you are interested. 

3. Duration - Long or Short Stay

A hotel room makes for an excellent option if you are staying for a few days, but if you intend to stay for longer, perhaps a vacation rental would be more cost-effective. Hotels usually have fixed rates per night, but during certain seasons and peak periods, prices might get marked up quite a bit. Plus, it is not really worth the effort to settle into an apartment or condo for a while only to clean it up soon after.

In comparison, the charges for vacation rentals are more adaptable: be it nightly, weekly, or monthly. For some vacation rentals, there is also a minimum requirement of days you would need to stay to be able to reserve the place. Though, even if you wanted to stay at a vacation home for a short period of time, it may not be possible to do so.

Nonetheless, if you decide to stay at a place for longer than a week, the cost per night at a vacation home can turn out to be quite cheaper than at a hotel. Staying at vacation rentals home for a long period of time also gives you the chance to be familiar with the neighborhood and the town and discover local sights that travelers staying in a hotel might have missed out on.

4. Meals – Eating in or Dining Out

While few hotels offer complimentary breakfast packages during your stay, lunch and dinner are often eaten at restaurants and eateries away from the hotels. This is unless the guest also wants to visit the Hotel's on-site restaurant every night. But, vacation rentals, hotel rooms are small and thus have no space to fit a kitchen. Plus, to pay for your hotel room fees, a substantial amount of your travel allowance would have to be spent on meals. On the bright side, this provides you more opportunities to sample the local delicacies of your holiday destination, enriching your taste buds with interesting and new cuisines!

Though, if you are looking to save expenses, maybe a home-cooked meal might be a more suitable option. Mainly vacation rentals include a kitchen stocked with cookware and utensils, ideal for you to practice your cooking skills. Meal choices are also not limited to what is available nearby. Rather, it is limited to what you can get at the hyper store.

5. Amenities – What is a 'must-have'?

What is a must for you whilst on a trip? Cable television? A pool? Internet connectivity? A washing machine and dryer? Vacations rentals and hotels offer different amenities to guests, so it pretty much depends on what you are looking for as a must-have.

Most hotels provide Internet connection, daily-cleaned sheets, toiletries, slippers, and towels, as part of the standard hotel service. For extra services such as laundry services, hotels charge extra. If you are not cautious, even the drinks in your mini-fridge could cost a few hundred. Always know to read the fine print if you stay at a hotel! Some facilities are also shared, such as the pool area and lounge.

Alternatively, as vacation rentals are normally privately-owned homes, they are equipped with a television, a washing machine, a dryer, internet connectivity and daily household items. Several vacation rentals even have their own private garden or pool, so be certain to check the amenities listed.

6. Safety - which is more Secure?

Hotels typically offer more protection than vacation rentals, as there are security guards as well as staff on hand if you ever need any assistance. Several hotels have elevators, which take you directly to your room floor by your room's key card. CCTV cameras installed in hotels also act as strong deterrents to thieves, making it easier to track any missing items. Even in your own suit, there is usually a safety deposit box to put any valuables, so if you are concerned about your belongings or personal safety, staying in a hotel would put your mind at ease.

When reserving a vacation rental, do take note of the type of neighborhood or the host if you are planning to stay with them. As it is a private home, there will not be a 24-hour reception to help you if anything unexpected happens. Be positive to take necessary precautions while traveling, such as checking the nearby area or the background of your hosts before booking accommodation. Moreover, take into account places where you can get help and emergency contact numbers as a precaution measure, and you will be fine.

Traveling to an unfamiliar and new destination can be both exciting and intimidating. Safety must always come first, especially in the place where you spend your nights.

So, Vacation Rentals or Hotels?

Both hotels and vacation rentals have their pros and cons. At the end of the day, it comes to your preferences and what you are willing (and not willing) to give up. If you have flexible funds and are looking for a place to spend a couple of nights, a hotel could be a more suitable choice. If you are searching for something more cost-effective and traveling with a big group of family friends, vacation rentals might be an ideal solution. You must also consider the purpose of your trip and the surrounding neighborhood to guarantee that your trip will be an enjoyable and safe one. While the final decision ultimately is in your hands!

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