The Best Elephant Sanctuary Chiang Mai 02/04/2020

If you are an animal lover and mainly elephant lover or is someone who is interested in knowing about the history of sanctuary animals? Then Thailand and specifically Chang Mai is where you need to visit now! Visiting Chiang Mai Elephant Sanctuary will be the best and one of the most adventurous trips of your life ever. Chang Mai is falsely famous for riding on elephants or mis suing of tiger temples. Well, from our experience you are not allowed to sit on the elephant but you can feed them, touch them, photograph them and lastly swim with them which is the most fascinated part of them all. You will find cutest ethical Elephant sanctuary Chiang Mai ever.

1. From where Thailand Rescue rescued- Elephants:

Everyone thinks that sanctuary elephants are captivated from the wild life. Well that can also happen but what Maerim Elephant Sanctuary in Chiang Mai, Thailand told us is that they were rescued from the circus and a lot were rescued from the elephant riding places. Elephants from Elephants sanctuary from Chiang Mai may be released into the wild life in future but they are most probably be kept in this safe place where they can be preserved and have a comfortable life.

2. How does the Elephants rescued by Sanctuaries:

Simply we can say that in Thailand Elephants are not rescued rather they are purchased. And purchasing Elephants from Elephant riding places s not that difficult all it takes is a HUGE amount of dollars. All the Elephants riding places sell Elephants easily because they earn by selling the elephants more rather than by earning through giving Elephant rides to the tourists. For country like Thailand buying an Elephant is really expensive because they do not earn even close to what we earn. We got to know that one Elephant cost from $28,00 to $60,000 which is way too much.

3. Who is getting Profit from Sanctuary Elephants:

Again, Elephants are very expensive for Thailand according to its earning. And after buying the Elephants workers for taking care of them and maintaining them are also required. Apart from them Elephants alone has its own expenses. So, according to our calculations Thailand is definitely not getting profit from Sanctuary Elephants. Just, getting its name for having an Elephants in Chiang Mai which will attract more tourists towards their country.

4. What to do at Sanctuaries in Chiang Mai:

 Rather then sitting on an Elephant and riding overall there are quite a lot of exciting things you can do through which you can get attached with them. Meeting of you and the Elephants begin with you making an effort first by giving them their candy, which is Banana by the way, after that they are friendly enough to shake hands. After a little meet and greet they will roam around the wild and you can give them a company by walking aside them. Meanwhile Elephants will find their snacks of Bamboo. And after all these activities it’s their bath time and not in the water but in mud. And guess what? You are going to be taking bath with them in the mud because they will spray all the from their trunk. And trust us guys, this will be the best lifetime experience ever and this mud bath will be the highlight of your trip to Chiang Mai.

5. Ethical Elephants Sanctuary Thailand:

There are quite a lot of Sanctuaries which includes according to our research Elephant Nature Park, Elephant Hills, Elephants Valley and many more. But let us tell you guys our personal favorite Sanctuary which is Maerim Elephant Sanctuary and trust us guys it’s the best! Hope you visit the Ethical Elephants Sanctuary Thailand and have the best time ever just like we did.

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