5 Fun Things to Do in Columbia MO this Weekend 08/04/2020

Who doesn't enjoy city love? well, we enjoy the city life like no other. Columbia is a known city situated in the central area of Missouri. Columbia is also known as a rolling home town is well known amongst people as it is where the University of Missouri is situated. Columbia oozes business, there are a lot of wedding planners and ballet companies situated there. The orchestra culture is pretty popular and people enjoy it there.  Columbia is a perfect getaway for those who are looking for a little vacation away from the daily hustle-bustle. We have analyzed the things to do in Columbia MO and picked the following things, you can add these five things to the things to do in Columbia Missouri list. We assure you; you will not get disappointed with any of these.

1. Rock Bridge Memorial State Park

Do you love to visit parks that also have in-house activities? We love extra fun and wander time. Well the Rock Bridge Memorial State Park is a beautiful place to visit with friends and family. Add this place to the things to do in Columbia MO now! This phenomenal park stretches over 2200 acres of land and has huge trails of hiking tracks followed by an amazing scenic view that will take your breath away. There are a lot of activities planned in this park that will keep you engaged and busy without you getting bored of just seeing the view. However, the view will not disappoint you. There are novel rock structures and cave surrounded the park adding even more value to the spot. 

2. Shelter Gardens

Gardens are loved and appreciated by many, to date there are many people who love to visit gardens every day to relax and unwind. The Shelter Garden is situated on the back of the Shelter insurance headquarters and stretches over 5 acres of area. The garden is specially designed by keeping the blind people in mind. The sensory technology allows the blind people to touch and feel the greenery which is a very considerate thought. This garden also has water bodies that give this place an even more angelic look along with a sundial that adds an ancient touch to it. Do give this place a position in your things to do in Columbia MO as it will not fail you.

3. Ragtag Cinema

Ragtag cinema has a lot of value for the people that appreciate the art of any form which also includes acting. This cinema is non- profit place and still appreciated by Ragtag film society. The Ragtag cinema supports local talent and promotes local artists by giving them a platform to display their talent. This place is a platform for film festivals and theater that take place in the city. If you appreciate acting and films you will love this place for sure.

4. Mizzou Botanic Garden

We think this city is all about garden and nature, we have found yet another place that is green and filled with nature's magic. The Mizzou Botanic Garden is situated in The Columbia University premises, this also serves as a place of relaxation for students and the staff that have had a long day. The settings of the garden are altered depending on the time of the year and they feature various other gardens also.

5. Finger Lake State Park

The Finger Lake State Park is very huge situated on 1100 acres of land, it is established on the coal mining strip, hence, contain the old ruins of the mine. The trails of this park are famous for hiking, but what is more famous is the biking trail for the dirt bikers. Give this place a shot!

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