5 Best Places to visit Europe in Winters 19/03/2020

Europe is mainly the best place to visit in any seasons. Summer is the season to visit but you guys can have the best time in winters in Europe so that you guys can roam around the streets of Rome, Italy, London, Venice and many more. Since winters mostly fall in December and November. So, we are here to tell you guys some of the best places to visit Europe in winters. 

1. Granada, Alhambra Atmosphere in December:

Granada is the best place to visit Europe in December. It is sunny all the year but in December it is COLD. The view of Granada looks like it’s wholly covered in white blankets. The beautiful Alhambra offers the panoramic view from any point of the city, the very old town Albaicin comes by climbing up the mountains, and the Sierra Nevada will be seen covered all over with the snow. The mountains are always covered in snow no matter it’s sunny or winter, they will always be covered in snow. 

2. Venice, Italy in November is a must:

Europe in November is next level beauty and talking about Europe and not bring Venice up is quite not possible. Venice, Italy is for sure one of the best places to visit in November. Although it’s quite cold in Venice but still visiting the streets and discovering the places of Venice in chilly night is a must. Venice is already very famous for the beauty it holds. Visiting downside in the winters is the peak month of Aqua Alta where is high tide flooding can be experienced. Although it is really fun to explore around Venice in November but still you have been quite careful with the situation in Aqua Alta and plan your visit according to the situation. Apart from that Venice in winters is the best place to visit. 

3. Paris, France hear of Europe:

Everyone knows Paris is the best and it is obviously the best place to visit in November in Europe. The scenic Paris shows to the world in November is something beyond amazing. Paris is everyone’s dream to be visited and it is always fancy no matter what’s the time of the year is. In winters the shorter days and longer nights makes the atmosphere chillier and more adorable. So, if you are planning to visit any city in winter than Paris should really be your first choice because it never fails to make your trip the best no matter what time or season of the year it is. 

4. Milan, Italy an enchanted place:

Milan is one of the best European cities to visit in December because in winters all the busy and rushed places gets empty and you guys can enjoy that time your own fully. In winters the peak of the mountains gets covered with the snow which creates a really chilly environment in the Milan. As it is known for its fashion so you guys can buy from the shops and have the best shopping experience ever. If the temperature drops too low so you guys can hibernate yourselves into the museum and councils. 

5. South West England:

South West is the best place to visit in winters to relive your dramatic moments. Also, it is one of the best European cities to visit in November as well as in December to enjoy the chilly atmosphere. London is never empty and boring to travel may it be summers or winters. In winters you guys have a big advantage to have a brilliant Christmas evening and make it memorable for the lifetime. 

Places mentioned above are the best to visit in winters and have the best vacations ever!

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