Havasu Falls Helicopter Day Trip 02/04/2020

Are you someone who would just love to go Havasu Falls? If yes, then no need to get disappointed because it is possible. Havasu Falls day trip is quite underrated and usually we hear that you can never go on a day trip to Havasu Falls. For that here is a pro tip for us and that is you guys just need done your bookings along time before and VOILA you can go there and experience all the trill through Havasu Falls hike, Havasu Falls helicopter ride and what not.

1. Things you Need to know Before you Start your Trip:

Let’s just accept one thing over here and that is Havasu trip is expensive and if you are planning a trip to Havasu Falls then your pockets should be really heavy. Havasu Falls hike one day is a mandatory to see the famous Havasu Falls, for that first thing which is required is energy because guys trust us the journey till Havasu Falls is very long it is approximately 6-12 hours climbing and add 3 hours from the closest town more. So, energy is the basic requirement and obviously keep loaded with snacks, junk food and water bottles, since there are 5 more waterfalls so make sure to not waste your time over Havasu Falls. Keep check on the climate as well. For hiking you have to pay fees and for Havasu Fall helicopter ride obviously there would be additional charges for that. Lastly, you can’t casually camp anywhere for that you have to done your bookings first.

2. Fly in Havasu Falls by Helicopter:

The idea of Helicopter makes everyone excited then Havasu Falls torus helicopter would definitely be a great idea as well. Since, the journey is very long so you guys can ride through helicopter to Havasu Falls and the good new is that it just cost a little more than that of horse ride. For having a helicopter ride you don’t need to done your bookings it’s a come first get first kind of a situation. And the dead ass view it offers of great canyon is amazing you guys.

3. Hike to Havasu Fall on Foot:

If you are hike freak then make sure to start from trailhead because the hike to Havasu Falls starts from the trailhead. One thing you need to be very careful is with the timings because no one wants to stuck up there in a dark time just because of that make sure to reach the trailhead as soon as possible in the morning. And again guys, keep up the check on climate because these are the precautions which are strictly necessary to follow.

4. Reaching to Havasu Falls through Horses or Mule:

If you can’t take Havasupai helicopter and too lazy to hike then there’s another option for your guys and that is you can through Horses. No! I am not joking over here. You can go ride up to Havasu Falls through Horses or Mile very easily and the prize overall cheap you can say that. And if you can’t effort expenses then you can take the ride for one way only. Just be on time and all the trip will be on your favor in terms of everything.

5. Where to Park before visiting Havasu Falls:

Parking to Havasu Falls is entirely free and there are 3 type of parking lots which depends totally depends on who you are and where you go. There is spacious parking for Indians separately which can’t be use foreigners. But the first parking lot is for those who wants to take Helicopter, the second one is for those who go through Horses and the last is for those who’ll go on foot.

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