Must Visit Places on a Scotland Road Trip 2020 20/03/2020

Planning about road trip? Then Scotland should be on your first priority. Scotland road trip offers the best beautiful scenic ever. Scotland is a base of lochs, ever so beautiful castles, and the epic sceneries which will add so much adventure to your trip and make it worth it. It has everything interesting to offer you guys which also includes the famous Edinburgh festivals and rugged landscapes of the Isle of sky.  Some of the must-see places of Scotland are mentioned below which will more glory of Scotland’s impression on your minds.

1. The Devils Pulpit, Blood Red Water:

The name of this destination is drive from the word Glasgow and it is one of the most hidden gems of the Scotland. Most of the tourist are not aware about this stunning place. It will be slightly difficulty to find this place but the view of red blood river, caves covered in mosses and the walk to country side would make it worth it. If you re visiting over there than my advice is to be slightly careful because the rocks are slightly slippery but apart from that it is a beautiful place to take a stop from your road trip.

2. Loch Lomond, give you Floral Vibes:

While in a Scotland road trip witnessing Loch Lomond in person is a must because the kind of floral vibes it gives you is very refreshing. Loch Lamond and a Trossachs park is a best place to spend your afternoons or evenings under the warm sunshine and have the best picnic spot ever. Apart from that Loch Lamond also offers small adorable houses around the lake, consisting of precious and gorgeous flowers bed which will make your mood automatically cheerful. Moreover, it is the best for cyclist and hikers as it has the flat base along with beautiful Deer’s looking from behind the trees.

3. Glencoe, Famous for its valley:

Glencoe valley is the most famous for its the role of location it played in super hit James bond movie. Going on a road trip and not to a Glencoe valley is quite a fail. Because it offers one of the most beautiful sceneries ever at the bottom of which you can park your cars. And Of course, go on a hike and have the best time well viewing the waterfall from the highlands. It is for sure the best moment to be witnessed.

4. Glenfinnan, give you dramatic vibes ever:

Glenfinnan is one of the beautiful Scotland road trips to be visited. If you are potter head than you must be well aware about the Glenfinnan and must be your dream to visit it because Glenfinnan viaduct is the route of Harry Potters way to the wizarding school. Plus, you can’t miss the famous Jacobite train which offers the best fluctuating views and it will be worth of your stop. Apart from that, Glenfinnan will give you the best dramatic vibes ever.

5. The epic Dunrobin Castle:

As Scotland is famous for its castle and the Dunrobin Castle is one of the most beautiful castles ever. It is free for the public going where you could feel the most prince or princess vibe ever. If you are planning to go on a road trip to Scotland then visiting to Dunrobin Castle is must. It will leave you fully satisfied with its view and services.

These are the some must visit places of Scotland during the road trip. Hope you visit them then and have the best time ever. Because these destinations are the most adventurous and exciting places ever to be visited during road trip.

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