5 Fun Things to Do in Hoboken NJ this Weekend 10/04/2020

The summer has already begun and are you still sitting on your couch looking for places that can be your potential vacay spot? If this is the case then we have got you sorted as we have a place in mind that you will definitely want to go for you next vacation. Hoboken, New Jersey is one of the heavenly places that is famous for its clear skies and exceptional sunsets. If you are planning the things to do in Hoboken you have found just the right place for it. We have evaluated Hoboken to find out the things to do in Hoboken and trust us there are many things that you can do there a weekend will not be enough to go- through all the beauty that this place has to offer. Hoboken is also a home to many tourists, professional and students as opportunity wise this city is blessed. The art and music festival is the highlight of this city as people go mad and shout around to the beat of their favorite music.

1. Hoboken Downtown

Every place downtown is amazing and has it own specialty. What is better than visiting the downtown to get the real idea about how the town and people living there are. We definitely suggest this place because the food you get to eat here tastes amazing and you can also get vegan-friendly dishes. There are also many spots out there that are child friendly that means you can leave your child to enjoy while you have some me time.

2. Hudson River Waterfront Walkway

Sometimes just wandering and doing nothing is the most beautiful day. Observing people singing, dancing and talking can be therapeutic, is it just us or do you feel the same way? Hoboken River Waterfront Walkway as the name gives out is a waterfront that has miles of walkway along the waterfall. The sound of the water falling is just as therapeutic as listening to a guided meditation or even better. The people can stroll, walk run or even cycle on this beautiful walk way. One more thing that is famous about this walk way is the sunset. The ray of setting sun on the water creates such a beautiful atmosphere that you must add this to the things to do in Hoboken.

3. Church Fitness

Are you a fitness freak? Well we most definitely think fitness should be a priority even if you are on a vacation. The Church Fitness center is a famous gym that provides people with opportunity to improves their fitness levels. Not only does it provide a traditional gym but also river sports. We all know that burning off calories on a treadmill is a long distant though when one is on a vacation, but a river sport never hurts right? If you visit in the summer time they also provide summer classes in groups which means you can also interact with different people.

4. Cake Boss

Do you love bakery items and confectionary creations? If yes then you should definitely give cake Boss a go. This bakery is old and probably every local knows about this bakery and will definitely suggest this to you. You can buy variety of items from this bakery as it will make your taste buds explode with flavors.

5. Hoboken Art and Music Festival

Well the annual Hoboken Art and Musical Festival is the highlight of Hoboken, you will love it as you get to explore the local culture, the art and music are there but the local vendors also work to supply local authentic cuisines.

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