5 Best Things to Do in Indonesia 20/03/2020

Indonesia is the world’s most beautiful place ever. Words can not do justice about the beauty Indonesia holds. It is so large, lively and energetic that if you will ever go to explore it it’ll feel like you have not even explored a tiny bit of it. There 1700+ islands in it and it gets really difficult for you to choose any one Island to explore it fully. Most of the people go for Bali and some of them totally fall in love with it while others have totally opposite point of view, well that's another debate. Right now, I will tell you some of the best things to do in Indonesia:

1. Swimming with Jellyfish:

Ever heard about swim with jelly fish? Yes? Then you just need to go to Kakaban Island which just off to the Kalimanthan. This island is filled with the jellyfishes and swimming with jelly fish is one of the top things to do in Indonesia. An no need to get worried of them biting you and causing you any sort of harm because these jellyfishes are stingless. Swimming with them will be like living a dream because the scenery you will witness under water will be breathless.  

2. A glimpse of Paradise:

If you are someone who thinks “what to do in Indonesia?” then you are also the one who believes in the myth of paradise has lasted long before. But let me get you aware about the fact that Indonesia is nothing less than paradise or heaven. The stunning scenic it holds seems like heaven on earth. The beautiful water, along with most welcoming and kind hearted people, with no signal and detox from social media, sharks under your feet you will find Paradise over here. 

3. Encounter with the Dragons:

Meeting the giant lizards or dragons can be the scariest yet most adventurous Indonesian things to do. You will find them in Komodo National Park or Gilli Lamba and witness the scariest animals over there. Out of all of them encounters with dragons would be the best and if you are scared over the fact that their poison will kill you then no need to worry because there are safety guards to take care of you. So, if you are looking for an adventure in Indonesia then visiting Komodo National Park is the best thing to do ever.  

4. Eat Indonesian Food:

Trying out the famous Indonesian food is one of the best things to do in Indonesia which includes eating Nasi Goreng. The food scene in Indonesia is amazing undoubtedly. The staple rice dish is the best to enjoy at their snack restaurants which are known as Warung. Food really does have the way to the heart and Indonesians for sure won the hearts in this race. They offer the most delicious yet finger licking food ever. And that be at very reasonable prices like you can have their famous dish Nasi goreng under a dollar. Yeah right, that’s how cheap it is. 

5. Witness Color Changing Lakes:

Diegn Plateau’s national park is the home of color changing lakes. So, if you want to witness the color changing lakes then avail this chance by going to the national park real early and witness the beauty all alone and get surprised by the glory and work of the majesty. It is the most adorable thing in Indonesia which will leave you in awe. 

Hope you all get to know some of the places of Indonesia and get a little hints of what to do and how to have an amazing time in the most dynamic Indonesia!

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