5 Fun Things to Do in Iowa City this Weekend 08/04/2020

Do you love ice-cream and can't let go of the ice-cream craving?  Well we are on the same page buds. You must be thinking what does ice cream has to do on this matter? Well the Iowa city is known for its best ice cream and much more. The Iowa city is much more than what surpasses the eye, the stereotypes of the small town and the long cornfields are just the stagnant part of the city, the Iowa city has so much to offer than what the eyes see.  The culture of the Iowa city is highly connected to the pop culture, few music festivals take place there during the year. If you love fine dining and not street food you will get to experience it there, however, the street food is also satisfying. There are a lot of things to do in Iowa city that prove that city is not just a layover but has so much in store for the traveler. The things mentioned below indicate some of the things to do in Iowa City.

1. American Gothic House

Do you feel a certain emotion when you see cornfields? The cornfields that go on for miles and in bed a lot of people and their hidden peace spots. The cornfields with golden hue look even more peaceful when the sun shines over them. If you have your sentiments attached to the cornfield you are going to love the American Gothic House situated in Eldon. It has a massive cornfield surrounding it and a home that was of an artist named Grand Wood. It is the most famous picture spot for tourists. The American Gothic House is a representation of pop culture in America. You shouldn't make the mistake of not adding this to the things to do in Iowa City. 

2. The Bridges of Madison City

This spot was not as famous as it is now and the reason why the Bridge of Madison City is so famous now is because of the famous book featured in the year 1992, a film was made followed by the book and now this spot is one of the most loved places in the Iowa city. This place is the right choice for that afternoon drive that will help you relax and unwind while witnessing the amazing scenic beauty.

3. Grotto of the Redemption

Do you like a place even more if it has some sort of historic fact related to it? Well you want to add this to the things to do in Iowa city as it is the biggest man-made grotto of the entire world. The Grotto of redemption took over 40 years to entirely complete and it consists of 9 other grottos within it. It is the wonder of the city which is crafted by using manpower.

4. Ladora Bank Bistro

The Ladora bank is one of the most fancied places in Iowa City. It was built in the 1920s and that place has a very lived-in vibe. Its exterior is old and rustic which gives it a very vintage feel and the interior is well planned and extravagant. This place now a place designated for a few drinks and fine wine.

5. Field of Dreams

Do you love watching movies under the night sky? Well this place was featured in one of the cult movies of 1989, interesting isn't it?  You can enjoy your time here strolling and playing a few games that are there for people to enjoy. If you like to stroll along with the old farmhouse and fields, this place will be your favorite.

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