5 Fun Things to Do in Medford Oregon 09/04/2020

Valley with flowing wild water calms our nerves unlike itself that is wild and flowing. There are a lot of valleys in the work and each has its own beauty, but we have selected a valley that has made us caught our breath as the sight is too good to be true. We are talking about Medford Oregon that lies in the middle of Rouge valley and has phenomenal view. This area and rouge valley are summer spot for many people due to the paddle sport and rafting it allows. This also is the fruitful produces f the valley. The greenery of the valley surely makes anyone’s heart light up and let it rejuvenate. There are a lot of things to do in Medford Oregon, this place is beautiful and has so much in store for you. The 5 things to do in Medford Oregon are mentioned subsequently, this will surely help you prioritize the places you want to give a shot if you are visiting Medford Oregon for a brief stay.

1. Rouge River

The Rouge river is absolutely stunning as the views you get to see whilst being there will engrave in your memory forever. This river runs for mile, 215 meters to be exact and is originated from the Crater Lake National park. you get to explore the wild scenic beauty that will not fail you even once. this river gives you a perfect chance to raft and get your self wet in the cold spring water you will feel your adrenaline spiking up with each wave that hits your rafting boat. On the land on the side of the river is a perfect spot to read book and relax, you can also read a book while the sound of running water calms you.

2. Upper and Lower Table Rock

Are you fascinated by mountain and volcanos? Well Upper and Lower table rock were formed as a consequence of volcanic eruption that happened millions of years ago. This place is interesting hence, we picked it for the things to do in Medford Oregon.  In the present time, this spot is famous for hiking and you get to enjoy the most amazing view of the rouge valley and the running water from this spot which will mesmerize you.

3. Downtown Medford Shopping and Dining

Who does not like to shop and splurge once in a while? Well don’t lie by saying no. if you are on a vacation and looking for gifts or want to take back something that will remind you of your trip what better than visiting Downtown Medford Shopping and dining. When you get tired of shopping you will get to experience the local authentic food that will explode your taste buds with good food. At this place you can also find real home cooked food and antique stuff that will light up your home with its presence.

4. Prescott Park

Well, when you have travelled so much you just want to keep one day spare and do no heavy-duty activities that ill suck up your energy for the rest of the vacation.  Well we have found the solution for you, Prescott park. This park has 1700 acres of land with miles and miles of grass this will help you to relax.

5. Medford Railroad Park

Rails and trains always bring in the childhood nostalgia, the Medford Railroad park will bring back the memories of your childhood as it has a lot of ancient rail sets and this park is situated over seven acres of land. There are also miniatures and full-sized trains to entertain adults and children.

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