5 Fun Things to Do in Naperville IL this Weekend 09/04/2020

Are you looking for places to visit in this summer? We have got you covered because we have shortlisted a couple of places for you to visit this spring and summer or anytime of the year basically. Naperville is one of the most exotic places to visit due to the places that are inhabited in this area. Naperville is said to be windy and is located around Chicago. This city is said to be one of the largest and has a lot of suburbs to explore. If you are tired of daily hustle and constant congestion that we all see in our city lives, this place is exactly what will help you unwind. This place is surrounded with long roads and bridges, colorful local street art and also public art. This place is heaven for those who seek peace and calm. This place consists of a lot of places that are worth explore, hence, we have stated the things to do in Naperville according to our liking. There is a lot to explore in this beautiful city so take out pen and paper and note things to do in Naperville.

1. Naperville River Walk

We are mesmerized by the flowing water that tunes with our inner peace.  The Naperville River Walk is located at the center of the city and the long body of water flows for over 2 miles making the view seem surreal. There is a musical tower with 72 bells located near the river and throughout the entire walk you can hear the magical sounds.  Along the river you are going to witness long hard ground and each and every spot near the river represents a picture spot which you wouldn’t like to miss. The Naperville river walk is worth adding to the things to in Naperville on a date.

2. Cantigny Park

Do you get interested in things that have some sort of background? We feel you as things that holds value are the dearest to us. We have specifically added this spot in our things to do in Naperville because it was once owned by the Chicago Tribune editor. The land on which this part is established is 500 acres long, this land helps the people visiting it educated themselves along with providing such beautiful view to cherish.

3. Naper Settlement

A country with heritage gets more tourism than other parts of the world, same is the case with this pure city Naperville. The Naper Settlement is preserved spot by the government as a heritage of the city.  The Naper settlement is 12 acres long and has a history that excites most tourist around Naperville. You should surely visit this place.

4. Centennial Beach

Who loves pools? Well we do, the Centennial beach is around the river walk and it is established as a pool by using historic rocks and stones. The area does not only have pool but also land around it that is covered in sand to give people the leverage of laying down and putting their towels in that area. There are a lot of things you can do in this pool like float around and have an amazing water time. Kids are going to enjoy this place to no end as they can swim and make sand castles all day.

5. Herrick Lake Forest Reserve

Do you ever feel the need to breath in fresh filtered air that is not polluted at all? Henrick Lake Forest Reserve will give you the exact chance. The area is covered with 26000 acres of preserves of forest and greenery.  This spot is also amazing for bird view and hiking.

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