5 Free Things to Do in Rockford IL this Weekend 09/04/2020

Have you ever loved a city to a point where you left your heart there? Well Illinois is in the heart of Chicago and has some amazing places to explore. If you are looking for a vacation that will refresh your mind and help you begin your life with enthusiasm, some rejuvenation is definitely required. There are a lot of places in Illinois but we have selected Rockford because of the adventure, art and culture that this place has in store for its audience. We often seek for small city vibe rather than spending our time in large cities that are constantly busy. Rockford city contains the small-town charm that provides the people visiting there with culturally rich spots and art museums to bring out the hidden artist in you. The following mentioned spots are a must thing to in Rockford IL. We have specifically picked spots for the things to do in Rockford Illinois that will suit the taste of every person. We hope you visit these places when you stop in Rockford.

1. Anderson Japanese Garden

Japanese gardens are famous all around the world because of how angelic they look; they are very pleasing for the eyes. Anderson Japanese Garden is one of the most famous spots of Rockford. The place is surrounded by serene water bodies amazing flowers and rocks that will make you lose your breath. We feel this place definitely deserves a position in things to do in Rockford IL. This garden was designed by the garden artist that designed the Japanese garden in Oregon as well, this place is non-profited which means you will get to enjoy this place for free.

2. Rockford Art Museum

We have artist in all of us but the type varies in each of, no one can compare their talent with the other but those who make their talent emerge are the ones that seek positions in places like Rockford Art Museum where people from all over the world come to witness it. Various multimedia productions have displayed their arts in the museum, over 1900 art pieces are displayed in this museum and each will make you appreciate their beauty. The interesting thing about this museum is that it displays arts from decades ago till today which makes you analyze the evolution over time.

3. Burpee Museum of National History

The Burpee Museum of National History is a part of River front museum art and is entertaining people since 1942. This museum displays a lot of historic ruins that makes people gain knowledge about what the world was like 100 years ago. The museum also has bone structure of dinosaurs, wildlife history and much more that will definitely catch your attention. Not only this museum displays history but it is also a famous spot for events that take place annually like Easter egg hunting which is quite entertaining for children as well as adults. Must add in your things to do in Rockford IL.

4. Nicholas Conservatory and Garden

Does botany intrigue your interest? We all have felt closer to nature in some sort of way. Nicholas Conservatory and Garden is a huge botanical land which stretches over 1100 square feet.  This place is one of the largest conservatories, precisely third largest. This place is filled colorful plants and tropical flowers that will sooth your mind instantly.

5. Midway Village Museum

Midway Village Museum is an enlarged land which covers at least 148 acres of land establish to honor the history of Rockford. This place contains many historic buildings as well as numerous artifacts that will blow your mind. If you love history, you will enjoy this place. 

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