5 Things to Do in San Francisco this Weekend Trip 05/04/2020

Sac Francisco is a magical city with its charm of startups and high tech, miscellaneous bistros and adventurous yet amusing neighborhood. Each city, place or destination of San Francisco has its charm and enchanted. If you are planning the San Francisco weekend trip then you must be thinking that one week is a really short period to explore such a big beautiful country. Well, no need to get confused because this San Francisco travel blog is everything you need to know while visiting this beauty. We are going to highlight some of the best points and places of San Francisco down below which you should visit and have the best trip.

1. Best Hotels to Stay:

While giving the San Francisco travel guide the best hotel we would suggest would be the Union Street Inn, located in between the mingling of grace and courtesy of an Edwardian home, is the perfect town to spend your weekend and to explore San Francisco. It is equipped with 6 rooms only and is built in a contemporary style to give the best yet great relaxing vibes ever. And if you are a historic lover than we would solemnly suggest Palace Hotel located at the San Francisco’s downtown. You can also take the best guide from AIRBNB for choosing the best accommodation of your choice.

2. Enjoy a Yummy-Licious Breakfast:

Travel to San Francisco and enjoy their famous delicious breakfast is something not possible. To have the tasty breakfast you should visit Sam’s Anchor Café which is situated in Tiburon across the bay and offers the best seafood, brunch, burger, drinks and much more along with the best view ever. Other than that, Nopa is famous in San Francisco which only have the traditional food which includes eggs and potato packed related menus only. And if you are a dessert lover then don’t forget to catch delicious French toasts from Mama’s on Washington square.

3. Visit the Famous Golden Gate by Cycle:

Giving the San Francisco guide and not telling them to visit the famous Golden Gate would be very unfair. San Francisco’s Golden gate is quite popular because the view it offers is so ravishing. I would personally suggest visiting the Golden Gate on wheels or by cycle because riding cycle to this destination will make your trip a hundred times for fun and interesting. And in case you don’t go on wheels then you might end up getting extremely tired because the Golden Gate is a lot of kilometers away.

4. Go on a Mission of Street Art Tour:

When you are done with all the money eating exploring then I would suggest you end your San Francisco weekend by visiting their famous alleys and streets. All these alleys and streets in San Francisco are painted with so art that soon you will find yourself obsessed with the art tour. All the graffiti and tapestries will cheer your mood up. Never forget you will end up with the best aesthetic shots with the best background ever.

5. Discover Chinatown:

Chinatown is the largest home in San Francisco outside Asia and the vintage town of America. Visiting over here in fall would be a plus point for you guys because you will get to attend the famous Autumn Moon Festival. In this festival, you will witness the celebrations of Bazar, cakes, dances and whatnot. And just in case you don’t visit in fall then no worries because Chinatown is really attractive and lively in all the seasons of the year.

So, guys plan a trip to San Francisco this weekend and have the best weekend trip ever.

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