5 Fun Things to Do in Schaumburg IL for Couples 10/04/2020

Have you started planning that vacation that you have been thinking for yourself for long? if not, are you still confused about the location? We have a solution for you. Schaumburg is an amazingly exciting place that you need to visit in order to experience the fine art and rich culture that are the main elements of that place. Schaumburg lies to northwest of Chicago and is 30 miles away. There are a lot of natural trails that will probably be your best friend when you go for a hike. There is a lot that this city has to offer to its visitors like sports, scenic beauty, trails and parks. It is a feast for those who are sucker for nature. We have planned the trip for you by evaluating the things to do in Schaumburg. The open air will freshen up you to the core when you visit this city it is going to be worth your while. The things to do in Schaumburg are probably handful and you may want to take your in exploring the city.

1. Chicago Athenaeum International Sculpture Park

The Chicago Athenaeum International Sculpture Park was built in the year 1988 and is probably the only park that is independent in terms of architecture and design, hence, it is clear to add it in the list of things to do in Schaumburg. This park is solely built for the public to see and appreciate the craft that has been done in the past years. This park is very educational as you get to see and feel what ancient architect and design was like. The sculpture part is very big and runs over 20 acres of land. It is also very green and you feel closer to the nature.

2. Chicago Improv

Do you enjoy stand up comedy? Well if you do what better than live stand-up comedy show. The most visited place for good stand-up comedy in Schaumburg is Chicago improv. You can also avail a dining option if you choose to get the first show off night, food and stand-up comedy feels like hitting a jackpot. No only stand-up comedy but you can also organize a private party of up to 400 people in the halls that are available there and the food service is amazing. Normally there is a huge waiting line but if you make bookings in advance you might get lucky and not have to wait.

3. Fire Zone

Do you often feel that it is harder than ever to keep kid entertained during summer holidays? Not anymore, on your trip to Schaumburg must visit fire zone as it is a very kid friendly destination. It is not only kid friendly but also supports adult adventure, however, there is much more activity for kids like exploring the fire trucks and going through the fire hole it is overall a very nice experience for the kids. Once you take them there, they will demand to return.

4. Legoland Discovery Center

Do your kids love LEGO? If so, you should definitely take them to the LEGOLAND because it is a famous attraction for the kid under the age of 10 starting from age of 3. There are a lot of activities that your kids can enjoy and there is also a LEGO store from where your kids can stock up their future supplies.

5. Medieval Times

Do you love vintage vibes and that feeling of being in the past era where everything seemed so classic? Well Medieval Times is one of the places that will make you remember the Spanish historic times. There are a lot of horse and sword displays to take you back to that era, with that you can also enjoy 4 course meal.

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