5 Fun Things to Do in South Haven MI this Weekend 10/04/2020

What do you feel when the summer is approaching, we definitely understand your urge to spend to go by the beach and tan all, even though tanning yourself without applying sun protection can be harmful for your skin? Another thing that comes to our mind as soon as we realize the summer is approaching is vacation. All of us need break from our daily hustle and enjoy little getaway whenever we can. Have you planned your vacation yet? We have been looking for places that can be shortlisted as the most exotic places to visit this summer, how can be forget South Haven, it is a lovely city in Michigan that will win your heart in a different way each time you visit it. The South Haven is filled with exotic beachy locations but we know that beaches are not everyone’s cup of tea. Hence, we have discovered things to do in South Haven MI (Michigan). If you are planning your vacation to South Haven read the following things to do in South Haven MI.

1. Barden’s Market

 We all love shopping, if not all majority of us love to explore markets and do some street shopping. Barden’s market is one of the most famous spots in South Haven where you can shop for any item you desire to buy. Markets are a very good source to get in touch with a city’s cultural dynamics. The market is situated near blue star highway. If you visit this marker you will get to taste some of the most fresh and delicious organic fruits that are so healthy for your body, no matter where you travel health should be your utmost priority.

2. Michigan Theatre

Theatres remind us of old school romance, right? Hence, we had to add Michigan theatre to the list of things to do in South Haven MI. if it is a rainy day you should definitely spend it in movie theatre and watching a new movie in theatre has charm of its own. You will enjoy the 50-cent popcorn refill for sure because you wouldn’t have to pay a fortune on snacks there. There are kid friendly movies as well that will help you calm your kids down as well as give them a very entertaining experience of watching classic movies.

3. Sherman’s Dairy Bar

Having dairy each day is a sin as it can cause bad reaction to most of our skins, but vacation is exception, right? If you want ice creams and milky snack you should definitely go to Sherman’s Dairy Bar, it is the most in demand place for dairy sweet treats.  You should keep this place in your top priority because you will regret not having such a yummy ice cream for treat. If you have kids with you, you might want to be aware because their desserts can be addicting and your children will demand to go back again.

4. Fall Blue Coast Artist Tour

Do you have a thing for arts? if yes you should probably run and book yourself a spot in this tour. This tour will make you go through 12 artist studios that display phenomenal art between Saugatuck and Fennville. Each studio displays authentic and original art pieces of some very known artists.

5. Beeches Golf Course

Do you think playing a sport de-stresses you? We think the same. If you want to have a chill evening and maybe have a match or two try visiting Beeches Golf Course where  you get to play golf and fun fact, the golf course is named after a tree.

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