5 Unique Places to Visit Europe 19/03/2020

Where to go in Europe? Europe is very famous for its tourist spots. But Paris, Italy and Venice are the most visited places for the past years and too mainstreams. We know thousand of different spots which are hidden gems of Europe, these gems are not very famous but surely under rated. So, we are going to tell you some of the very beautiful places to visit and never regretting visiting them.  These gems are for sure the best countries to visit in Europe. 

1. Mantua, Italy: Perfect for the history lover:

Mantua is an extraordinary as well as coolest place in Europe. If it is not on your bucket list then you are missing something very beautiful on this planet. Mantua is the city of perfection because it holds so much beauty that words can’t do justice. It is located in the Lombardian region of Italy which itself is very beautiful. It is easily accessible by the cars and what not. Mantua as a whole is surrounded by beautiful lakes and ponds which adds more beauty to it. 

2. Bosnia and Herzegovina, Best for adventurous activities:

Bosnia and Herzegovina are one of the must-see places in the Europe. These still relatively offers off the beaten path experience of the Europe.  It has become one of the best and favorite places in the Europe till now. It is the best for road trips and for the hiking as well. Hiking on Bosnia is quite popular especially in winters you will have the best time ever. Not just that their hospitality is also the best of them all. With the tea their hosts will sing you song while playing guitar. Not just that the scenic it offers is beautiful seems like it all artificial based on this line just imagine how beautiful Bosnia and Herzegovina is.  

3. Cuenca, Spain:

The view Cuenca offers just seems like a painting on a canvas or photoshopped. Cuenca is one of the coolest places to go in Europe. Its colorful houses add more beauty to it and just like that Spain is very well known for its beauty and cultural architect. Over here you can go on the hiking and have the best hike with the best scenic ever. It is the prettiest, merciful yet under rated place is Europe. So, if you are planning to visit hidden gems of Europe then Cuenca should be a must on your list because it will give a treat to your eyes through its view. 

4. The Hague, The Netherlands:

The Hague capital of Netherlands is one of the most stunning countries to visit in Europe. It is very well known for the politics but apart from that this city has its own beauty and charm. It offers the best vegetarian food, the ever so gorgeous museums and chick clubs for you to party hard. The Hague is the best and will never fail to mesmerize you from its beauty. So, fest yourself from visiting the capital of ever so beautiful Netherlands.

5. Erfurt & Thuringia, Germany:

The Erfurt is the capital of Thuringia which is the region of Germany. It is a so-called historical place to visit which is very under rated. The attention seeker of this places are the ice cream parlors, the liveliest streets which will give the happiest vibes ever and it’s scorching bright sun from which’s sunshine everything looks hundred times prettier. Over here you will witness the over flowing beer gardens and love the nature more and more. Apart from that Erfurt can also be known for its cathedral, beautiful and historic castles and the Merchant bridges. Erfurt is one of the under ratted places in the Europe but you should visit here.

Hope it helps you out to gain the knowledge about hidden gems of Europe and visit all of them someday!

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