Where to Stay in Bali? 19/03/2020

Bali is undoubtedly one of the most beautiful places to be visited. It is known as the temple of Gods. If you are planning to go on a vacation to Bali and dreaming about have the lifetime journey then first question that arises is Where to stay in Bali? Well there are so many stunning places to stay and we are here to give you guys a brief help for the best places to stay in Bali. There are thousand of best places to stay in Bali and have wonderful time over all. Because no doubt deciding where to stay in Bali is a make or break kind of situation. 

1. Canggu – Best for surf and relax:

Canggu is absolutely best place to stay in Bali and if you are water baby and loves to do surfing then it is for sure the best for you. Over here you will find Acai bowls and the very fascinating coffee shops which will give you the best vibes along with the beautiful environment. And there is also an Echo beach to do some of the fun water sport as well as Rice terrace to give the coastal touch on the island. Not just that it’s direction also takes you to the Tanha temples which one of the best places to visit in Bali.   

2. Benoa – Perfect for water sports:

Where to stay in Bali Indonesia continuing with our information to vanish your confusion. Benoa will never fail to mesmerize you with the beauty its hold. Benoa can be perfect for all the beach lover it has huge portion of san where you could sun bath or built a castle and apart from that it has a beautiful water sports for you guys to have fun and memorable time. And we all are very well aware of the fact that how expensive water sports are but not in Benoa it has the cheapest rate ever.  

 3. The famous and Main South:

The long route along the Main south from the airport to Tanha temples and in between there are a lot of beautiful destinations. So now must be thing of in Bali where to stay? Well there are thousand of resorts coming in way from luxury Sheraton Kuta resort which offers absolutely beautiful scenic to Gora Beach inn which has beautiful twin rooms for you guys.

4. The evergreen Bukit:

It the best area to stay in Bali because over here you will have a lot of choices. Bukit is in the Island just below the airport which has luxurious resorts, personal beaches and a village as well. Which one would like to choose it’s all totally up to you? If you are the one who would prefer totally alone time with full peace and personal space then it is absolutely the best place for you.  

5. Nusa Dua – Amazing to experience village life:

Nusa Dua is the one of the best Bali places to stay which you can refer it as your home sweet home for many days. Nusa Dua is outside the development which means it is the place to shine and give peace to your mind and soul. Nusa Dua has the world luxurious resorts Malia which gives the vibe of local village of Sawangan. There are also some clandestine villages at Nusa Dua which are usually vacant so that you can enjoy sweet and personal picnic over there with your fam. You can also surf near the famous beach Geger Beach. It also offers some really cute yet aesthetic resorts like Ritz Carlton, Swiss Bel Segarra and many more.

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