5 Fun Things to Do in Grand Haven MI this Weekend 13/04/2020

Do your country have all four seasons? There are many of us who get to experience only two to three seasons per year and we wish that there were all four seasons so we could experience all the colorful times of the year. A vacation to a city that displays all the four seasons beautifully should like a plan. We think you guessed it; we are surely talking about Grand Haven that is also called destination of four seasons. Not only this this town has the most amazing beaches for some water time. So, you will ask “what are the things to do in Grand Haven MI (Michigan)? Well there is a lot that can be done, it is also known as the happiest seaside town you will get to experience some amazing beach parties and water sport of your life.so are you ready to have a fulfilled experience? We know you are. Grand Haven is a town of friendly people, they make you feel like you belong there. We have picked 5 things that you can do to enjoy to your fullest potential.

1. Grand Haven Lighthouse

The first place that we added to the things to do in Grand Haven MI is Grand Haven lighthouse. We just couldn’t help ourselves this light house is an absolute master piece which was built in 1839. There are two light connected to enlighten the boardwalk it gives such an angelic look to the place. This place is firmly built upon a concrete base and the lights are cylindrical on the inside and square on the outside hence making it look unique. People love to stroll along the boardwalk that overlooks Grand River Channel.

2. Grand Haven Musical Fountain

Grand Haven Music Fountain is famous public spot that was built privately in 1962 and till this day it entertains the public with unique music each time. The fountains light up in different colors and the water dances along the music. In each performance over 90000 gallons of water is used and the water is perfectly synchronized to the beat of the music.  The special performances happen in September and May of each year. If you visit Grand Haven this is the must thing to do in Grand Haven MI as you will really enjoy the experience.

3. Grand Haven Boardwalk

Some great food with a harbor view doesn’t hurt anyone, if you are a food with a view kind of a person, we have found for you a perfect place to add to the things to do in Grand Haven MI. The Grand Haven Boardwalk is a 2.5-mile harbor strip that is surrounded by local food restaurants and fishing boats. Even though this place is excellent to have a stroll when the sun is setting but you can also lay down on the grass and breath in some fresh air. You can also walk the pier and take some Instagram worthy pictures of yourself and the light house.

4. Grand Haven Area Beaches

Beaches are a must visit when you go on a vacation, the wide sand dunes and cold splashes of water are a sign of a good time. If you don’t really enjoy going into the water you can lay down with a book and get a nice tan on. 

5. Harbor Trolley

Harbor trolley is the best option to tour around the city the trolley operates everyday even on public holidays and provides a guided tour around the city. You can deeply resonate with the roots and culture of the city if you know it better.

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