5 Best Budget Tips for London 19/03/2020

‘’ London is very expensive” is a phrase that’s parasitically located in every one’s mind. And just because of that thousand of people does not travel to London or make their dream into living just for the fact of it being highly expensive. No need to worry because we are going to give you all some of the tips on how to explore London on a budget, which are mentioned below.    

1. Make Sure to do Advance Bookings as soon as possible: 

First and the most important step is to do advance bookings. Because bookings on a short notice are very expensive and unaffordable. So, if you wan to enjoy your trip overall in London then make sure to safe some of the money through you flight. Also, if you can fly to London from Europe or any other city coming in between then make sure to choose that route because it will take more cash comparatively to the direct flight which will take solid amount from your pocket. So, safe as much as you can from the flight because direct flights coast so much money. 

2. Food on a Meal Deal:

Don’t invest so much of a money on the food because there is nothing such a thing as famous restaurant in London. Fill up your tummy by taking your food from the marts. And trust me you guys these meal deals in the super marts are so cheap and yummy at the same time. Most of the marts in London are of pharmacies or general stores and all of them offers meal deal which includes juice, the tasty sandwiches and cupcakes as well sometimes. So, if you will safe your money from not eating expensive food then you can do a lot of more fun stuff.  

3. Bring Cycles and Walk as much as possible:

Just for the sake of travel to London on the budget make sure to not take accommodations so much or public buses as well. Because London might look so huge or big on the map but trust me guys in reality it is not. You guys can explore London on Bicycles or by wake and that be with totally safety. On cycles you can cover more routes in minute seconds, safe money and explore London and see the attractions in more detailing and while being tension free.    

4. Look for money less attractions:

There are thousand of destinations in London that coast large amount of money but trust us guys it is not even worth it. So, our advice for you guys is too look for the money less attraction because London is the place full of beauty and attractions and you will definitely find a lot of locations which are free of coasts. You can go to parks which are set up by government with full of amenities, museum which has a lot of history to offer and a lot more things you can do without investing much of money. 

5. Skip the famous yet expensive Shards:

Going to London and not viewing Shards in not possible, it is the concept which everyone believes. But according to our experience we would tell you guys to skip it. Yeah, your read it write skip the Shards. Because the amount for just a view of Shards is insanely expensive. No need to worry because we have a substitute for that for you guys, you all can get the exact same view from The Sky Garden, that building is free and gives the exact same view as from the Shards. 

If you want to travel London in a budget then fellow all the tips mentioned above and you will never face difficulty regarding money.

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