Tips for Swimming in the Dead Sea 01/04/2020

Swimming in the dead sea is everyone’s dream and whenever you’ll visit dead see probably that will be your first and last time in the location. Dead is one of the most under rated seas but it has a lot of known properties. Everyone who visits dead sea has the best experiences ever had. Not the question arises in everyone’s mind is that, can you swim in dead sea?  Definitely yes not just that it is the best place to perform every water sport. Because in dead sea the concentration of salt is very high that you float and surf without any danger. It is best for your sin as well it is a kind of sea which will provide vitamin C to your skin altogether. So, if you are planning to visit dead sea then here are some easy tips which you can follow for swimming in the dead sea.

1. Where Dead Sea is located?

The dead sea is located amid the three regions or borders you could say, Palestinian West Jordan, Israel and Jordan. Must be wondering why it is called dead sea? Because it is located in the middle of dessert and soon it starts getting disappearing which is quit only disadvantage it has. And because of that you can’t plan to stay in there for so long. 

2. Kalia Beach for the Day Trip:

If you want to only swim in the dead sea then Kalia Beach is one best for that which is situated in the North. It is actually a busy of all of them and popular as well when there’s a time of day trips. Kalia beach has amazing concentrated water to swim and you can also find huge dead see mud over there as well to cover yourself with the mud. Not every dead sea has mud plus you will also easily find a restaurants, shops and bars nearby for more activities.  

3. Is it Risky to Visit Dead Sea?

Is it safe to swim in the dead sea? Yes, it is and if you are referring to Israel thing then still it is safe. But al it requires is to be precautious. You need to keep your self in a limit and not allow your self to go further to the dead sinkholes because they seem quite fascinating but they are going to engulf you so bad. Plus, if you have any open wounds then avoid going to dead sea because the water is salty that it might be really painful to your wounds. And lastly make sue that you are in your senses 24/7 because can go off limits while thinking you are just floating. If you will beware of all these mentioned points then it is absolutely safe to swim in dead sea beach.   

4. Private Dead Sea for Night Stays, Ein Bokek:

If you are planning to stay then private beaches are the only options because obviously you cannot find any accommodation to stay in the public dead sea. Private dead sea has the area of Ein Bokek as well but that is just limited to you and you will have the best dead sea swimming experience over there.  Choosing private dead sea is the best and amazing idea because you will have every safety, reliable hotels and breathtaking beautiful water all to by yourself. 

5. Best Place to Visit Dead Sea:

Well, it only depends on your trip if you are planning to go on a day trip then Kalia beach is amazing and it will perfectly fit on your expectations. But if you are planning on a night stay then I would suggest you to book your private beach, it is the best giving you the beautiful view and best amenities.

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